By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Lawmakers debate vaccines, business tax

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No no and NO taxing businesses regardless of how much they make. Where is the pot money and the lottery money going? Why do we need yet another tax to subsidize schools when the former are supposed to bring millions into the budget? Maybe we need to do a little reseach into where this money is going. I think it should be in the paper every week or month how much was taken in and where did it go? It's too easy, as it passed in the house, to tax businesses and forget that we have an abundant amount of money going SOMEWHERE but no one seems to know where. Shame on the house and the senate for not finding out where it went and not making sure the money is going where it should.

Don Dix

Tuvey -- the house and senate are fully aware where the money is being spent. Tax money means very little to them because it isn't theirs, which has led to rampant waste. Even ballot measures are disrespected, and several have been overturned for the same reason (the voters didn't actually understand the measure). The legislature didn't write it, so it can't be good.

And don't forget how many times the voters were told
'this new tax will fix things' (M66, M67, etc.). A reoccurring big lie!

Oregon citizens aren't being represented, the public unions and special interests are running this state for their own benefit. The legislature is full of union-enabling lackeys who can be replaced if not complicit, simple as that.


The vaccination bill started as a legitimate discussion between medical recommendations and parental choice. As it is currently amended, it has become an effort to make government bureaucrats (Public Health) the sole decision making body on whether or not it is safe to vaccinate your child, completely removing choice from parents and doctors. The legislature is so keen on this they even wrote it so Public Health officials can change the rules and requirements without legislative approval. Why would we assume that a state bureaucrat would have the best interests of the child? As a bureaucrat, they will just want to ensure rule compliance without concern for medical issues.

Hypocritically, this is by the same political party and governor that wants the government out of the patient/doctor discussion for abortion.

I cannot imagine any good argument for making this law so restrictive and so bureaucrat controlled unless your election campaign was funded by pharmacy companies.


3427 says Decreases personal income tax rates. And imposes the corporate tax to be directed to School Success. I tried to find the details of the corporate tax and how much my personal income tax rate will decrease. Not able to find anything. Anyone able to point me in the right direction. Isn't a decrease in person income tax rate kind of news? I know the recent big tax decrease for rich folks was very well received. The gamblers on Wall Street love it. The National Dem say they want a higher personal tax rate. What are the Oregon Dems doing decreasing our personal tax rate? I'm confused.