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Late founder's cat needs a home

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Ruff Rider

Julie was an amazing person... before Evergreen-Doe was built she would come to the Yamhill County Fairgrounds and bring a few of us horse kids donated cat food and asked if we would tame the feral kittens so they would be more adoptable.. which we did. We fed them and played with them and saw them adopted out of our boarding barn including a set of sweet orange kittens who left on a private plane. Julie had our favorite barn cat LT fixed for us as well. She saved a lot of dogs and cats for sure.
I would step up and adopt this special kitty in a heart beat but we have 5 cats.. all born as feral barn kittens from someones dumped off cats except one that was dumped out here on a 17 degree cold night when he was 4 months old. Am still trying to do our part.

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