By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Lack of cooperation stalls pot producing investigative work

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Either Captain Elliot or the reporter are passing the buck by focusing on just one piece of the problem, the “other end” which “we aren’t responsible for and can’t control” and therefore “we just can’t do anything”.
What he/we/Yamhill County CAN do is make it very clear that large marijuana grows without proper permits are ILLEGAL!
The same people who are upset about immigrants, especially those without proper documentation, don’t seem to care about this. Why not? Rich white guy farmers.
I guess they get special treatment in this county.


I have news for Captain Elliott. These criminals operating unlicensed grows are not selling their marijuana to legally licensed dispensaries in Oregon. They are snuggling their pot to States where it remains illegal thus enabling them to sell it for about 10 times the price on the legal market.


...“very organized effort” to move people from China into Mexico, at which time they travel to locations in the United States....The problem is, we don’t ever get cooperation as far as identifying who the organizers or handlers are...

Hmm. China to the US. Was it Hunter Biden?

All seriousness. I think everyone is missing the point. They are moving people from China (called human trafficking, the ones growing pot are the lucky ones), through Mexico, to work illegal Cartel grows IN OUR DAMN BACK YARD!! CLOSE THE BORDER!!

Why is this so hard to understand.


R's secretly applauding this lawlessness, as it just moves us all closer to their dream of martial law.

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