By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

Kristof running for top state job

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Please make it stop.


Where's the link to support?


He is not a resident of Oregon. Even if he and his team gets this through the court process, is this okay with the residents of Oregon? I know that we have a senator from New York. Is he living with the issues that Oregon is facing or just reading about them? Left or Right, we need someone that cares about what is happening to our beautiful state and not just seeing an opportunity. We need someone who cares enough to stop some of the madness.

David S. Wall

Here is Candidate Kristof's Campaign Committee finances for a little light reading;

To save you some time...there is 'No financial activity' as of this writing. Not even one; soggy, dry and or crisp 'simoleon' donated and duly reported to his campaign's coffers.

With reference to Kristof's residency;

From the article, [...“I probably should have changed my registration,” said Kristof, who was a New York-registered voter through 2019. “I wasn’t focused on the paperwork, I was focused on voting to remove President Trump and support Joe Biden.”]

[..."Kristof graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard College and then studied law at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship, graduating with first class honors, according to his New York Times columnist biography. He later studied Arabic in Cairo and Chinese in Taipei."]

How can Kristof be extremely well educated so as to believe Oregon Voters will blindly accept his quixotic quest to vote for 'Biden' excuses him from changing his 'voter's registration' and his residency from New York to Oregon? Especially; when Kristof was making some bucks hawking his book in (2020) all over Yamhill County.

David S. Wall


Kristoff running for Governor of Oregon brings to mind the old salsa commercial that blatantly makes the point that something is not credible if it comes from New York City and not El Paso. The same is true here in Oregon. Can we afford another outsider trying to run our lives?