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Kim Morris says she’ll run for mayor

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Kim will be a a great change for McMinnville. She has demonstrated necessary leadership skills and the ability to motivate people to action. She has her "finger on the pulse" of what citizens want. She's dedicated to safe streets, better livability and a strong community. She has my vote!

Mac Runner

I've been disappointed how dishonest Kim has been about the city's actions on homelessness to her own followers and how politicized they have chosen to be. She does not seem like a problem solver to me.


Mac Runner please elaborate and cite a specific example(s). I'm interested to understand how you think she's been dishonest.

I feel quite the opposite so let's talk.


Mac Runner, I'm also interested in example(s). I agree with TTT.


Mac Runner = Like the others here, I'd be interested in something to back up your allegations of dishonesty on Kim's part. I've been following the task force's actions since it was formed, and haven't seen anything remotely close to dishonesty. I think she's going to make a great mayor.


Mac Runner, Still waiting on facts.


We're fortunate to live in a place where two fine, committed people are willing to volunteer to be the mayor. Both are from here, and both share concern for all of our citizens. I expect this will be a high/level conversation from both candidates, without so much of the meanness we see in other places.

Mac Runner

For example, she misled members of her group about the mayor rejecting any recommendations of her group with regard to camping enforcement and what the limitations are. She reported to the group the city rejected all of the initial suggestions of the group, which is not true. Frankly, I think she politicized the issue knowing she was planning to run for mayor. If she were not politicizing this, they would be putting uniform pressure on the city and county, which also isn’t the case.


Mac Runner - still no specific examples. Please show us what suggestions from the task force the council actually implemented with the mayor's support and that the task force didn't relay to it's members.

All of the official correspondence between the task force and the Mayor, both sent and responded to (or not), are all a matter of public record.

And speaking of the record, the task force is the one who has been trying to get the safe schools restrictions on camping put on the council agenda for literally the entire school year. Ms. Morris has taken a step back and let the school district lead that effort hoping that it would hold more weight with the council. Which it has - barely. That doesn't say politicizing to me, it says she's willing to do whatever it takes, including letting someone else take credit for her work, if it means making kids safer getting to and from school.


Mac Runner, I have read your comments and respect your opinion on your experience. With that said my experience over the last 30+ years of interacting with Ms. Morris in her business life, her work on multiple boards of directors, her volunteering and life long dedication to this community is completely different. I have always found her to be honest, open and above all willing to listen.

I reached out to her this morning regarding your comments and she is more than happy to sit down and discuss your issues. She can be reached through her FB page Morris For Mayor, her website or via email,


This is reminiscent of Heidi Parker's ill fated bid for mayor last time around. It too was rooted in a facebook group talking about similar issues. Making suggestions and complaining are a very different thing than trying to navigate the legal, budgetary and personnel complications that need to be addressed in implementing solutions. I think our current mayor has done a decent job given the constraints.


MadMacs, Yes Ms. Parker and Ms. Morris did and will run against an incumbent mayor and have a social media presence and that is where the similarities end I believe. Unlike Ms. Parker, Ms. Morris is a life long resident of Mac, graduating from MHS, working in the customer service and the banking industry in Mac prior to owning her own businesses for the past 36 years. She has been involved with multiple civic organizations, won awards for her civic work and donated thousands of both hours and dollars to support non-profits, kids in our community and our community as a whole.

Lastly as I indicated earlier in this thread she would be more that happy to meet with you one on one to discuss and answer any questions you have in general and those specific to herself and Ms. Parker. She can be reached through her FB page Morris For Mayor, her website or via email,



I couldn't disagree with you more. Heidi Parker came out of the blue and latched onto the idea of being the mayor. She built her campaign on photo ops and facebook support. She had little history in this town and then when she lost the election, she skipped town. Kim Morris, on the other hand, went to high school here and his lived in Mac most of her life. She has owned a couple of long-established businesses and has been on local boards. She, and her husband Mike have prioritized volunteering long before the idea of mayor came up. She is passionate about McMinnville, as evidenced by the "McMinnville Community Task Force". I don't agree the current mayor is "doing a decent job", and look forward to the election.


Well Mac Runner you've failed to make your case so I'll still be voting for Morris.

Also madmacs your comparison of Morris to Parker is pretty insulting to our city. Parker was a comical flash in the pan and I'm glad she didn't win. Morris on the other hand has quietly been a steadfast partner to many organizations within this city as evidence by her most recent work with Provoking Hope. Also if Morris were to lose, she won't be skipping town never to be heard from again. It's obvious from her volunteer work her heart and soul forever resides with McMinnville.


Mac Runner has no clue!


I definitely think Mac needs another option for mayor. Homelessness and crime are serious issues. However, there are many other issues that need addressing in our city. These include strategies to encourage and manage sensible growth, keep downtown thriving, create local jobs, a workable vision for 3-Mile Lane, road repair, etc. I look forward to hearing Kim’s thoughts on the big picture.

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