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Jeb Bladine: A local campaign in Trump-like style

For the record, I’m not a registered Republican, and not a member of the News-Register editorial board that endorsed Ron Noble for the Legislature. Further, if Noble and the Republican Party were campaigning for the District 24 House seat in a shameful manner, this column would be about them.

But it’s not. It’s about Ken Moore and the Oregon Democratic Party, who have produced one of the most indefensible pieces of local politics I’ve witnessed in decades.

Moore and the Democratic Party have delivered voters a contemptible, multi-media smear of Noble and his employer, Linfield College. After being confronted Monday about the initial postcard mailer, they doubled-down on the personal and institutional slur — no doubt because their matching television ads already were scheduled.


Jeb Bladine is president and publisher of the News-Register.

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The background story has been well-reported: Noble, as Linfield College director of public safety, leads a department which, by all credible accounts, serves the college, its students and the community with honor, expertise and professionalism. The Demo/Moore campaign grossly distorted that record with an eleventh hour campaign of innuendo and outright misrepresentation, and along the way exploited a young woman as their campaign figurehead.

It is an attack on Noble’s character and his professional livelihood; it is an attack on Linfield College without any regard for the potential of negative financial consequences; it is an attack on the McMinnville community, and an unwelcome shock to Moore’s many supporters.

Moore eluded a reporter’s calls all day Monday, then just before newspaper deadline submitted a brief written statement. Instead of offering an appropriate apology, in Trump-like style he compounded the original sin by further accusing Noble of “dismissing the concerns of young women.”

Linfield College responded directly to the point, saying the political campaign’s implications “could not be more misleading.”

What would cause people to stoop this low? Is it so important to the Democratic Party to gain carte blanche in the Oregon Legislature that they would seek to destroy, with malice, anyone and anything standing in their way? Is their candidate so lustful for this legislative seat he has forgotten the basic human qualities required to serve his constituents with compassion and fairness?

The backlash among voters has been swift and negative. As ballots hit local mail boxes this week, it will interesting to see if response to this dishonorable campaign will permeate the electorate in time to affect November voting results.

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For the record, there are plenty of false political mailers showing up from Noble associated organizations as well - like Oregon Right to Life. I don't think Ron is squeaky clean in this deal, a donation from Phil Knight who has never even spoken with Noble? Quid Pro Quo.

Jeb Bladine

Phil Knight distributed major political contributions to 7 Republican House candidates and 1 Republican Senate candidate, seeking to help Republicans avoid facing a "super-majority" in the Legislature. Contributing money to campaigns is a bit different from running a smear campaign against a candidate and a local college. Noble's campaign has not shown anything remotely resembling the Moore distortions.


teamster, you said "For the record, there are plenty of false political mailers showing up from Noble associated organizations as well". I would really be interested in the examples of "plenty of false political mailers". Maybe I just didn't notice because all of this thirty second mailers go straight to my recycling without being read. I find it hard to believe any of this information from any of the candidates.

As far as Phil Knight, you can't be serious if you think "quid pro quo" enters into the equation. Their circles do not intersect and it would be extremely unlikely if they ever will.

Sal Peralta

Oregon right to life is one of the most deceptive political organizations in the state. The independent party has run at least three well qualified pro life candidates in republican districts including a former state rep, a four term county commissioner and a prominent member of the Keizer school board and chamber of commerce, but right to life will not even consider them because they are independents running against Republicans. They are currently spending hundreds of thousands on negative mailers attacking Jim Thompson. I am not surprised if they are now spending money In the district to defend a Republican seat given that the D's have poured $200,000 in during the last week.

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