By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Homeless forum crowd says county needs to take action

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Housing is too expensive but there seems to be little effort to actually build more structures. Liberal NIMBYs who bleat the need for “affordable housing” but sure wouldn’t want it near them. Just like they are all for illegal immigrants just so long as they are far away from where they live in the undesirable inland valleys where it’s hot and not in their toney neighborhoods. This same attitude is prevalent in coastal California, too. Go to Santa Cruz and San Francisco to see how bad homelessness is in THEIR area.

very sad, however the Ban is a right start, " Remember there are Rules in every thing " I believe the answers will come , a way made clear, perhaps other Cities can offer in part another step closer to a humanitarian solution .


“Maybe McMinnville would not be suffering under the weight of the county’s responsibility if the county had taken responsibility in the first place,” Megan Corvus charged.“

Of course, there’s personal responsibility as well.

Most people seem to have forgotten that nobody is ultimately responsible for anyone other then themselves.

And since we are living in unprecedented prosperity with record unemployment rates, well, go get another job.

It’s not especially difficult to figure out.



Agree 👍

Read an article today explaining the camper issue has zero to do with affordable housing. Campers want the County to enable their chosen lifestyle at the expense of the general public.

PS. Lots of help wanted signs around town .... my daughter works 2 jobs and purchased her first home last year. Choices....

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