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History, distilled: Spirits producer plans facility near spot where Oregon got its start

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So will the Root's be growing the many different grains they will need to distill on the horse farm? Sounds like this might be a commercial business trying to skip some permitting. Having a public tasting room sounds like a place to sell to consumers and if they produce the majority of their own crops instead of trucking it in from other sources then ok. That bottom ground along 240 is not conducive to producing grains, let alone many different types of grains.


Basically, no small distillery or “craft distillery” distills their own white spirit for vodka and gin from their own grain. It starts as GNS, grain neutral spirit, from one of three mega-distillers in the midwest, bought through a broker. Then they run it through their still with the botanicals for gin, and maybe once for vodka too so they can say they “produced” it. And bourbon and rye is usually also sourced through a broker, frequently from MGP in Indiana, at least initially, as the basis for blending and bottling stuff until they can produce enough own aged product, which will take some years.
That’s not meant as a slam on the folks described in the article, that’s the reality of today’s microdistilling business.

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