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High school students crowd second day of George Floyd protest in McMinnville

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So proud of you McMinnville!

Christmas has Talons

"All lives can't matter until black lives do"? Blatant racism very disgusting.

As for our blended family we will honor Mr. Floyd by loving one another like we always have.


It's amazing that social distancing doesn't seem to apply to protesters and rioters. The rest of us have to keep the distance and work from home until we get PERMISSION to go back to work.

I would hedge a guess that there is not one person that would disagree that what happened to Mr. Floyd should not have happened. It was horrific and wrong on every level. There is not justification for the disrespect towards those that protect us and then destroying, burning and looting businesses. To watch what has gone on in this country this past week is disgusting.

We try to teach our children you judge by character and not color. Well, it's obvious that doesn't happen in every household but where is the outrage at police officer Dorn in St Louis that was murdered while being filmed? Why is there no outrage at the number of shootings and murders every single week in the city of Chicago as well as other cities. The literally average 5-10 murders and dozens of shootings every single week? They kill each other! This is not a one-sided issue. And, where are the supposed leaders in these cities that let this crap go on with no control while the businesses are being destroyed? These are people's lives. It's sickening.

Just like everything else there are good and bad people. There will come a day when very few people will ever want to enter law enforcement and then where will we be with no protection? People should think long and hard about how far they want to take this nonsense because one day you may call 911 and hear crickets.


Finch...what has gone on this week is a call for justice.
Don’t let the looters distract you from the issue, they don’t represent the majority.....
Police in this country need to make changes in how they do their jobs. Police bad actors need to be held accountable....a great example of a failure is available right here in Yamhill county.
I read a poll a day or so ago that only 36% of people of color trust the police.....36%!!.....That needs to change...


Finch, I could not agree more.

Also, if black lives did not matter to Americans, we wouldn't be cheering on our NBA and NFL sports teams, going to their events, going to concerts of black singers, following favorite black celebrities, and voting in people with black skin to political office. Are there racist white people? Of course. Just like there are racist black people, Asian people and from all backgrounds. It's what is in a person's heart that makes them evil or good not the color of their skin.

We had some Asian exchange students a couple of years ago. They were surprised at the variety of ethnic backgrounds here. They said that in Japan, there is very little variety at all other than the tourists passing through. Many countries are like that - where varieties of color and races are discouraged. The news media likes to try to paint a picture our country is very racist to stir discord and make Americans hate each other and they've done a wonderful job at it in recent years. In reality, the majority of Americans don't care what color a person is.

I'd also like to respond to tagup's comment "Don't let the looters distract you from the issue, they don't represent the majority." Many peaceful protestors are saying this and I'd like them to take their own advice and apply it to their own thinking. Don't let the few bad cops distract you from the issue; they don't represent the majority of cops. What a disgusting message we send to our youth when we judge everyone according to the bad actions of a few. Good way to destroy communities and society as a whole.


Writeitdown.....the arrest statistics don’t lie. Additionally, Police bad actors are rarely convicted and even when fired they can go work for a department in the next town.
Sure, minority sports and entertainment figures have a great following but if you think that somehow proves no bias or racism In this country (or even this county), you are being naive or denying the truth.....the message sent to minority youth is clearly different than your version....they tell their kids to avoid and even run from law enforcement......there’s a valid reason for that....but maybe not in your world....


How can we not be distracted when the whole mess started out as looting and riots until the family spoke and and let them know that this was not the way to solve anything. Yes, peaceful protest is a right and allowed but look at all the cities all over the country and even in Europe now that have spent 24 hour news shifts showing the graffiti, destruction and violence against businesses, property, police and just human beings in general. This is craziness and counterproductive to what the intention truly is.

UNIONS - there's your answer. Unions had their time and may still in some instances but how often do we hear and know about people in many occupations that cannot be fired because of the union. Heck, Amy Klobucher could have done something about that cop because he had many complaints. And I bet all the good ones out there exhausted working 12 hours shifts every day of the week wish they could get their hands on the ones who started this and act like this. They shouldn't have to go out there every day wondering if they'll be shot or have something hard and dangerous tossed at them.

As for racists - yes, unfortunately we will never get rid of that mentality no matter how many protests, riots, screaming, yelling, begging and demanding it. You will never change someone who holds those beliefs so deep within their dark soul. We can only hope that people can soften their attitudes and show more respect for each other. Like everything the few screw it up for the rest of us who get labeled unfairly.

It's all very sad and unnecessary.


I’ll agree it’s sad.....and may seen unnecessary to you....but for a large segment of our society.....Change is very necessary....


Tagup, I am no expert on the subject, but to address a root cause I'd review the special immunity given to police and prosecutors (see link below). It's not like you can't get bipartisan support on this one - many on the right are furious over the prosecutorial misconduct (e.g. withholding exculpatory evidence, warrants obtained under false circumstances [to put it gently] etc..) by the DOJ/FBI during the Russia Collusion Hoax "investigations".

Bill B

Tagup said; "the arrest statistics don’t lie" What statistics? Are you speaking about the percentage of blacks that are arrested? Do you think the percentage should be based on their percent of the population? If that's the case far too many men are being arrested!

Tagup also said; "Police bad actors are rarely convicted and even when fired they can go work for a department in the next town." Based on what evidence?

Tagup seems to be an expert on everything.


You don't have to wonder. Assuming it's comprehensive, the Washington Post has a database on fatal police shootings. You can read the details regarding each. For way of reference, in 2019 there were six unarmed black individuals shot and killed by police that weren't fleeing the scene in this country. You can read the details around each case [as reported anyway - I learned a long time ago from a friend that was on a jury you can't always trust what you read in press is the full story]. Every death is tragic but please note we are a country of nearly a third of a billion people.


Bill- there are two very interesting articles in the editorial section of this very by Jill McCorkel of Villanova University and another from Dr Davis.....if you’re interested....
There is a particularly on point case that happened right here in McMinnville....
Do your own homework....

Bill B

Oh I see, reading a couple of opinions constitutes doing your own homework. Come on! I asked several questions and you didn't answer one of them. You are making generalizations which is not helpful.


So you didn’t read them....


Maybe google “Gypsy cops”....just for fun...


Tagup seems to think local police have committed an act similar to what happened to Mr Floyd. Care to elaborate? Are you referring to Parker Moore's murderer? This community is proud of our law enforcement and do not appreciate baseless accusations. Shame on you, especially now when our support is most needed


Dig a little deeper Trica....Aranda vs City of McMinnville......


Feb 7, 2019 edition of the News Register .....


One more Trica- Perez-Rivera vs City of McMinnville.......

Can You Hear Me?

Great job, students!! I am so excited about your generation, which includes my own kids. I'm proud to say my daughter protested in another rural town.

If there was no problems to protest and racism doesn't exist in the justice and law enforcement systems, then I could understand those against the protests. However, since those folks say there aren't very many issues, then the same folks would think the protests are harmless because they won't do anything.

I'm reading: if I watch black folks perform + I buy their stuff = I'm not a racist. This equation is not correct.

I just subscribed, but has the News-Register run a story on the history of Oregon? How it was established around the premise of being a white "heaven", so to speak? How slavery was not allowed because they didn't want people of any other race within the state?

When was Oregon formed? 1859? (That's from memory, I could be mistaken on the year...) That's fairly late in our country's timeline.

If you believe there's no racism to tackle, then let the rest of us do the work. You can stay in place.


What do you think truly ended the disgraceful and political Vietnam war? People taking to the streets, stopping traffic, refusing to back down. Answering back to crooked Nixon and his clown sidekick Agnew and all the rest of the talking heads whose kids never had to face being blown to smithereens. Otherwise, we'd still be over there. And we would, again, lose.


I’m so proud of our little town! Especially our high school students! Us white folks need a lot of education!


"Us white folks need a lot of education!" I find that offensive and untrue. Yes, there are many people of all different colors that could learn a lot but that is a broad statement that is not true of all. I was not brought up to feel any differently about people based on anything and I certainly didn't bring up my children that way either. In fact, I've said it before - watch children on a playground and they don't see color. It's what they learn from adults in most cases.

And taking it to the streets and defacing and destroying public and private property and getting rid of our history be it good or bad is unacceptable. Everything seems to be racist these days. Can't open your mouth or someone is offended.


The racism that's in our hearts, that's part of our legacy of growing up American, is incredibly hard to eradicate. But we CAN eradicate racism in our justice system. And it does exist. Here's an exhaustive report on peer-reviewed studies: Thank you, McMinnville youth, for your example to us all.


My worry is that we may be teaching our children to classify everyone into sub-groups and not look at each other as individuals. That is anathema of the original civil rights movement and can lead to Balkanization. Remember the 1984 Sarajevo winter Olympics? Only eight years later the nation (former Yugoslavia) tore itself apart into six separate countries in a horrid, ethnic based, civil-war with a whole host of unspeakable war crimes.


And before you think I'm over-reacting, notice one of the demands in the new 'Capital Hill Autonomous Zone' in Seattle is re-segregation of the health care system. Also - there is a sector in one of our major cities claiming to be its own country!

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