By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Heiser Farms sued over Cordie's death

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The Heiser's are upstanding members of our local community. It was a horrible incident that put all of the people living on Grand Island in turmoil as they all looked for the missing Cordie. This was completely preventable. This is not just a Heiser issue it is a concern for all of those events sites all over the county. People are too lax about alcohol consumption. If the wedding had been held in a more populated area with professionals instead of occasional event people it would be still horrible but out in the country Cordie had no choice but to get in the car with her mother. Those who saw this and did not stop it are liable, that includes more than the Heisers. The other party goers who testified that the mother should not have been allowed to drive should have stopped her.In an area that holds wine events every weekend we are all at risk from drunk drivers.


I’m not convinced that with only a guilty plea, there is evidence of Jaeger’s level of intoxication. No breathalyzer results, no blood alcohol test.... maybe some witness opinions by untrained bystanders.....I’m not sure she would have been convicted had she not made a plea deal......appears the only evidence is her acceptance of the charge. Given her previous false and misleading statements to law enforcement, I think the liability case might be hard to prove.....bottom line, personal responsibility should be the driving factor......the lawsuit is misdirected.....but I’m sure a settlement and some cash is the primary aim of the plaintiff.

Bill B

It's all about getting into the deep pockets of the insurance companies.

Christmas has Talons

With a mother like that it's no wonder the poor girl ended her life in tragedy let's pray the child and grand child of this pair is not raised with the same dysfunction and now they want to sue......WTH?