By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Hearing resumes on hemp, pot processing plant

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Christmas has Talons

Oregon is so caught up in it's need to escape, be numb to avoid being present. Oregon loves her vices anything to avoid responsibility and "Stay weird" like there's any chance Oregon could ever anything else.
If I follow my own strong personal belief that people should be able to use their private property for any and all things legal then I would have to believe this permit should be granted but if it isn't I won't cry Yamhill County has enough drug dealers and more than enough dope growers ready to prey on our children without one more.


Oregon land use rules specifically prohibit processing marijuana on farm use land. And state law specifies that buildings regulated by the State Fire Marshal do not qualify for the agricultural exemption under which the processing building (which is regulated by the Marshal) was permitted. And the floor drains in the processing building are illegal. Finally, Yamhill County Code 1101 requires developers to demonstrate that their plan is “compatible with the natural and man-made environment,” and will “resolve potential conflicts that may arise between proposed developments and adjacent uses.” So until the developers demonstrate these things, the development is not legal. Proponents have consistently said that all the buildings on the property are correctly permitted. Notably, in their final response, proponents did not mention building permits. And when I emailed Yamhill County staff regarding the first two points, their reply was, “The deadline for comments from the opponents has passed.” Sources: “Uses Authorized on Agricultural Lands… including the processing of farm crops…but excluding activities in conjunction with a marijuana crop.” OAR 660.033.0120;, click [ED. NOTE: To view attachments referenced in rule text, click here for PDF copy.] Agricultural building exemption does not apply to any structure ”regulated by the State Fire Marshal” ORS 455.315.2.b.C; “floor drains just aren’t allowed at commercial facilities… As I emailed Yamhill Co.:… floor drains aren’t allowed that distribute to subsurface fluid distributions systems. 340-044-0015 Prohibited Underground Injection d) Fluids directly from floor pits or floor drains at industrial or commercial facilities, including injection into subsurface fluid distribution systems.” Email from DEQ