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Health and Human Services director submits resignation

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Christmas has Talons

I for one can't say go riddance fast enough. There wasn't a crazy idea he didn't champion and in the end good people got sucked into his ridiculous idea vortex. I feel bad that Starret got roped into the needle exchange idea. Yamhill county please choose wisely this time.


A better way to break the cycle of addiction would be to have a different kind of “exchange” program. Send addicts to be exchanged with addicts from different geographical areas. The almost moment they are released from jail and/or halfway house they get in contact with old cohorts and the problems just start right back up again. Even with the travel logistics it would be less expensive and more successful to break these connections than the various “harm reduction” stances. And get non profits and “gasp” church affiliated groups involved too. And why is there such a nexus between Uber liberal left coast cities, illegal immigration, outrageous housing costs and addiction. Sanctuary Law is to place squarely the blame. Come one , come all free education for your kids, free house to live in and please bring the drugs when you sneak up here and give to our citizens and get them also on the Democrat social teats! West Coast vagrancy and addiction problem is just going to get worse until we eliminate sanctuary law.

Christmas has Talons

Greg you have some great points and I agree this problem encompass every social structure, religion, non religion, corporate, private etc. We need all the agencies, non profits, for profit, and faith based providers with solutions to sign on and connect. We all need each other and need people with good common sense.


Christmas , I really see the mess when I travel to my jobs other site in Watsonville California. I fly into San Jose see encampments all along the freeways, and in Santa Cruz and Soquel and Capitola supposedly “nice” coastal areas but yet unbelievable squalor at the same time with mass vagrancy. And then get into Salinas and Watsonville a different kind of squalor with houses with 10-20 cars filling the yards. Probably lots of illegals living there. I see this same setup in certain parts of Oregon too like Fellows Street in McMinnville and in Woodburn and parts of Cornelius. This is sanctuary law. It’s wonderful isn’t it ??

Christmas has Talons

I was born in California and am repulsed at what it has become. There is nothing at this point that will fix the mess that state is in. My family is suffering the results of all the policies and regulations California seems to love to uphold. The overall message of that state says "No accountability needed or required" and we see the result. Yep Oregon is poised to become California at a faster rate that California did and they are proud of it.

David S. Wall

When I read the aforementioned article, I am concerned the News Register is suffering from journalistic dementia.

There is simply not enough time and space to address the countless shenanigans by Yamhill County Officials with issues raised in this article.

Read this for yourself and make your own informed decision comparing the current article with the former article seen here:

Yamhill Community Cares Organization (YCCO) is a complete and utter failure and should be "de-funded" and dissolved.

The Oregon Health Authority only issued funding-get this one-because, a "failed program" is better than not having a Community Care Organization for Yamhill County. YCCO is under a "one-year probation" to reach a "passing-grade."

The Director of HHS formed YCCO, on the "County's dime" as seen here:

Note: the "Professional Corporation (PC)" listed on the top of the page;

The question of who authorized the use of private counsel instead of using the County Attorney has not been answered. yet (I doubt it ever will be due to the further damnation of YCCO).

Below shows the "Passing of the Baton" to the "New Director or "CEO" of YCCO"

...but...remember, YCCO is a corporation under the auspices of HHS-the parent corporation being Yamhill County. Where have you seen any Yamhill County "Department" that has a "Corporation" nested into its' organizational structure? This raises a myriad of "financial accounting" and "who knows" how many additional issues.

[See POST #2]

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

[POST #2]

Forget about "cutting any slack" for Starrett.

Both the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YCCO and Commissioner Starrett "lobbied" the "House Committee on Human Services and Housing" for the following, very costly responsibilities associated with a "pilot program" for "Community-based child welfare services" in [HB 3383]:

Read: Starrett's and McCarthy's testimony below:

This would "open the perpetual funding door" to countless legitimate and illegitimate "Non-profit and or Public Benefit Corporations."

And if this measure passes (currently it is resting in the Joint Committee on Ways and Means) look what is also coming down the pipeline:

[SB 543]:

and the rest of the "usual suspects"...

See POST #3 (Needle Exchange, Yamhill Treatment Center DBA Provoking Hope, Ambulance controversy, etc.)

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Before I mention any thing about (Needle Exchange, Yamhill Treatment Center DBA Provoking Hope, Ambulance controversy, etc.) a few comments must be made concerning the Director of HHS.

The Director of HHS masterfully learned the "Grant system" and legitimately applied for and was justly awarded "Grant related taxpayer monies" for a myriad of "projects and programs."

Now, the "Piper must be paid" and the BOC and County Administrator are left to pay the tab (and tip).

Let's look at this comment in the aforementioned article.

"Huffer said they hope to contract with Halloran-Steiner to help with the transition."

Whenever, a "government employee" retires or resigns in "good-standing" but, the government agency is so incompetent they don't have a "succession plan" in place, the government agency offers to bring back said employee as an "Independent Contractor" at a pay scale much larger than the employee would normally receive.

Additional perks "to wet the beak" (basically to coerce the employee) to "bail-out the incompetent responsible persons" usually follows and is unfortunately, customary.

This contract is going to be, what is referred to in ancient Latin as, "Sweetus gigus maximus" modernly, a "really high paying sweet gig."

How does the HHs Director explain this comment:

" Halloran-Steiner submitted a letter to the county in mid-September, saying the decision “was largely a personal one so that I may better live my core values and be more present and active as a dad.” He said he and his wife want to be able to travel more with their children."

Those "pesky Independent Contractor employment contracts" really screw-up; "Living the core values, being an 'active dad' and travel with the family" every time, don't they?

Go to POST #4
David S. Wall


Greg and Christmas, I also was raised in California and feel the same. A great state with so much beauty and so much to offer being completely destroyed by over regulation and extreme liberal policies. It's truly a shame. We're following the same example. Why are the right and left coastal states so blue? Very sad and disappointing.

David S. Wall


"State renews YCCO contract but requires improvement"
Jul 19, 2019 By NICOLE MONTESANO Of the News-Register

This article was much more humane than what should have been exposed. It can be found in the News Register Archives here:

The Oregon Health Authority Audit suggested the following recommendations for the failed Yamhill Community Cares Organization.

"In addition, the report said, “only one subcontractor was mentioned as providing language services in Spanish, however there are many more languages that would need to be accommodated. ... work force diversity was not addressed, and it appeared they could benefit from education in this area."

You will remember Commissioner Starrett vehemently objected to "Diversity training" and was seconded by her Budget Committee and fellow YCAP Board Member Lindsay Berschauer (who is an announced Candidate for Office for Position#2 on the Board of Commissioners).

Both Berschauer and Starrett professed an "Economic Impact Study" would be required for their support of "Diversity Training."

It is obvious neither Starrett and or Berschauer even read the OHA recommendation to provide "Diversity training" or the two whiteys felt it was a waste of time and money.

You decide whether two YCAP Board Members should be making training funding available when a state agency recommends the "Diversity training" is necessary.

Then decide if voting for Candidate Berschauer so Commissioner Starrett and her can control the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners is in your best interests.

It was Commissioner Starrett who recommended Berschauer to be appointed to the Yamhill County Budget Committee.

This sets the stage for the needle-exchange controversy.

However, time might preclude the reporting of this story.

See Post #5.

David S. Wall


Finch , I’m on the plane about to take off from San Jose. I saw lots of tents and the local San Francisco paper said SF is now the #1 crime city. Good Job Democrats! You’re turning the whole west coast into a dystopia :-(


Thanks for your service to the County Mr. Halloran-Steiner. I didn't agree with everything you tried to do, but I do appreciate your hard work and the sacrifices you made to try to make Yamhill County a better place. I'm sure you did a lot of good work day in and day out that never made it into the news paper. Best wishes in your new endeavors.

Christmas has Talons


I know how you feel. I left after the spotted owl abomination. I left one of the most beautiful places in California and most independent places in California. From Sacramento up folks carry guns, know how to farm, hunt and fish, rope and ride and we care about the state of the State. I go home and I say that rather loosely because Iv'e been gone longer than I was there and my heart breaks looking at the destruction caused by regulation and stupidity.

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