By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Gun law sanctuary approved; commissioners continue trail debate

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It's time to end this expensive and wasteful insanity. Can Berschauer find any other ways to insult County employees? "the fox guarding the henhouse"? The only "hens" at the County live in the Commissioners office. Recall time!


What exactly has Mr. Lago done to deserve this?
News Register? I guess you have an obligation to pass along the Commissioner's comments and to quote her in public meetings.
But maybe some follow up or context might be in order?

You've got a County Commissioner comparing one of her public service employees to a "fox" trying to steal eggs from the county "hen house". And now the NR has seen fit to publicize that accusation, with no follow up of any kind. Just toss it out there for red-meat consumption of your readers without any validation, verification, context, follow-up, or even giving Mr. Lago a chance to respond?

How would NR editors feel about being mentioned in their local paper in this way?

And while we're at it, maybe it's time for the county attorney to have a polite conversation with Commissioner Berschauer and her casual use of colloquialisms on the public record. Maybe it's too much to ask Commissioner Berschauer to treat people with kindness and respect. But is it too much for the NR?


I always thought "sanctuary" meant "safe place". This ridiculous action by the commissioners is set to make Yamhill County the exact opposite. The last thing we need is to turn our community into a firearm free-for-all.


Great news on both fronts.


Great news if you like less economic growth in the county and a toothless ordinance that will likely not be enforced.....


I came for weeping and lamenting from the usual bunch of gun-grabbers, and I was not disappointed.

Jeb Bladine



Would you like to see a list of all-time favorite assault statements about that News-Register that we have published in letters and online comments?

Do you believe that before publishing controversial statements made by elected officials we should do an investigation to determine whether the statements should, in our opinion, be reported?

OK, those are rhetorical questions. And on the other hand, it does seem clear that the fox/henhouse comment is out of line for these circumstances based our read of the following:

So, thanks for your comment.


Keep doing what you were elected to do Lindsay and Mary. From watching these commissioner meeting it’s sure looks like the local swamp is very afraid of having independent eyes review the bridge project. And I don’t understand why they are so afraid of letting you talk directly to the people involved. Also they still have not said who specifically was in charge of this project. Not the company but the project manager.

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