By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Fired county attorney alleges discrimination, retaliation

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That sounds like Yamhill County all right!


I wonder if she brought these concerns up at the time and in the forum she feels she was harassed in? She is suggesting that Casey Kulla would not speak up or Mary Starrett wouldn't speak up and I find that hard to believe. I am also curious the basis for her firing? Normally in cases like this there are checks and balances and many sets of eyes on diciplinary measures and firings.


It takes a lot of violations to fire a county employee. I doubt it’s as clear cut as Ms Ko leads on.

Willamina Willy

There is a recurring theme at the County. There was a previous HR person, don't recall her name who was warning the county that they were violating public HR policies. She was terminated. Now an attorney, same deal, warning the county. Motherof3, there is a history at the county and they have been warned and warned. At some point, someone is going to take them on in federal court with a large lawsuit. They feel emboldened because they have largely gotten away with it. Problem the county has is they don't learn and don't do any introspective review. Its only a matter of time and the citizens will pay.