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Feathers remain ruffled between county and union

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Don Dix

From the article -- "The union also wants the county to conduct comparative wage reviews of six county positions each calendar year until all positions have been reviewed. In cases where pay elsewhere is at least 5 percent higher, it wants the county to guarantee 5 percent raises."

In the same vein, if any comparables are 5% lower, could we also expect a 5% salary reduction? Or is this just another case of the union pushing fairness only when it favors the cause? ....same old, same old!


Mary Starrett says that the administrator is "superhuman". It's not surprising she would glorify and praise someone who is doing much of the commissioner's work. Maybe we should reduce all the commissioner's pay, since they choose to farm out their responsibilities to an administrator's position for 143k? Not to mention the assistant (88k) and support staff that she "requires". Talk about same old, same old--overpaid management suppressing wages from line staff to increase and fatten the management ranks. How about a study on this too?


This is for Don Dix--- question --Is there anything upon which you DO NOT have an opinion???? Just wondering....


Isn’t that what a comments section is for?......

Don Dix

This is for Lee What's-the-Name - Reply - Don't have one about you???

tagup -- Apparently some haven't grasp the simple idea of community verbal expression -- odd.

Watching From The Sidelines

News Register: I read the online contacts offers (thanks for the link!), and I believe you have it backwards. Currently, probation (previous contract also, which I researched) stands at 6 months. County wants to double it to one year.


Sounds like your Union President is quite a poor communicator and very inexperienced in these matters.

He's likely hurting the cause of county employees. Oh well, that's what elections are for...

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