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False rumors spread on alleged homeless camp

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Bill B

"The flier stated that city officials said they would tolerate illegal drug use at the fictitious camp" Aren't we tolerating it now?


False rumors? NR is being nice.


I wish the news register would stick to reporting the news and allow us to draw our own conclusions.


You ARE free to draw your own conclusions. All we are doing is providing the facts so you can base them on correct information, not lies, distortions and unfounded rumors.

Steve Bagwell, Editorial Page Editor


"Mayor Scott Hill issued a formal statement in response to the rumors spread in the flier and on the website by a group."

So the mayor of a city giving an official public statement about a false claim isn't news?
What part of this short article is the NR conclusion or opinion? I'm not seeing it.

Bill B

I suggest everyone go to It provides a much more objective analysis than that provided by the News Register. Clearly the city has gone on record considering a permanent homeless encampment. The location may not be official, but it's clearly in the works.

And Steve, it doesn't take a detailed market analysis to determine market values will drop for anyone in the vicinity of the camp.


Steve Bagwell

IMO Dropping the first word in the headline would have been good reporting.

We can decide ourself just how accurate those rumors are.

Jeb Bladine

I agree it would have been better if "false" had been dropped from the headline about rumors. But more importantly, it's important to clarify which are the "rumors."

It's not a rumor that city officials are talking about possibilities of a low barrier camp, or that they have looked at various city properties where that could happen, or that the mayor directed city staff to work on a plan for providing more shelter space for homeless people. All of that has been reported in our May 16 and May 21 issues, and it all unfolded in full public view at public meetings. No need to debate or try to prove those basic facts.

Officials, however, have taken issue with claims that they have made a decision involving creation of a low barrier camp on specific property, or on details of how such a shelter area would be managed. Any such decisions would be part of a very public process, giving people plenty of opportunity to voice their opinions.

Meanwhile, anonymous efforts can make any claim without accountability because no one knows the source. It would be nice if people came out of the shadows and joined the public discussion.

Jeb Bladine


I thought 'false rumors' was being generous. Since it was our old friend Anonymous spreading manure.

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