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Employees union endorses King for commission post

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So Berschauer thinks "Negotiating public employee union contracts is negotiating against the taxpayer … only taxpayers don’t have a seat at that table." Absolutely not Lindsay. If you had some actual leadership experience, you would know that the management/employee relationship is supposed to be a partnership that serves the citizens jointly. It should not be approached as a hostile, adversarial relationship. That's what got the county into the mess that this last contract negotiations became. Those employees are the ones who ACTUALLY SERVE THE PUBLIC, not the administration and commissioners. Your approach led to the first employee strike in several decades at the county. Only due to the lack of fiscal responsibility and a lack of basic leadership skills has the county now found themselves in supposed financial difficulties. In light of those supposed difficulties, now you want to add MORE expensive administrative overhead because the County Administrator can't do his job. Last point on this, you are the Board Chairperson, and you haven't given him an evaluation in FOUR YEARS. The lack of leadership and fiscal corruption at the county has reached unprecedented levels.

Last point, you express that you feel it is a "conflict of interest" for the association to endorse a commissioner candidate. If you feel this is a conflict of interest, and these are public employees, then maybe you should be checking with the Oregon Ethics Commission. It's not, and you know it's not. The real conflict of interest is where one sitting commissioner endorses, makes political contributions to, and backroom deals with another commissioner candidate. That little party has been going on since the Leslie Lewis/Kathy George era - and obviously continues to this day. Yamhill County is overdue for a clean sweep of commissioners and county administration. The leadership void is obvious.


3 reasons you should NOT vote for Lindsay:
1. Lindsay's campaign is funded by the George Family, owners of one of the largest hazelnut processing companies in the country. Nothing wrong with that. Where it becomes very, very wrong is when she represents only the big money that helped get her get elected and blatantly ignores the wishes of the citizen majority.
2. Here's one example of how Lindsay serves her wealthy farmer campaign supporters and ignores pure and simple betterment for citizens: In 2020 Lindsay killed the Yamhelas Westsider Trail, even though construction had already begun and it meant returning hefty private donations and a $1.5 million grant to the state. She killed it because her farmer supporters are against having regular people (ugh!) sully "their" lovely county. She killed it even though an online petition in June of 2021 gathered more than 3,200 signatures in favor of the trail.
3. Lindsay appointed six candidates with jaw-dropping conflicts of and lack of qualifications to the county parks advisory board. One of them is her husband. One of them is Celine McCarthy. McCarthy and her husband, Greg, who was convicted in federal court last year of financial fraud, were among the largest campaign finance donors to Lindsay.
4. There are many more examples of this politician's wily undertakings. You'll find them in Mac's News-Register newspaper. Keep informed. Everybody rise up and vote for Bubba King.

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