By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Employee emails aren’t found in records search

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The farce is strong with this one.


Starrett told Kulla, “There’s no surprise why you’re not getting them.”

It's no surprise because she made them up, they don't exist! Classic Starett, make a narrative up that fits your agenda.


Why is anyone surprised? Two of our current commissioners are are total BS and now there is glaring proof. Of course Lindsay would redact the names on her letters. What proof is there that they come from county employees? Lindsay’s word? Her ‘word’ is quite frankly worthless! Maybe both she and Mary will decide to cut back on their lies. The recall can’t happen soon enough!


When the first article about this came up I already posted that this two were making this all up. Now we have prove. It’s a shame. Yamhill county deserves better. As an Independent voter I cross fingers that the recall will be successful.


When the going gets tough, Starrett and Berschauer lie. It's their regular mode of operation. The evil and corruption at the county lives on. We don't know even a sliver of it. It is time to send these two packing - along with some others at the county too. We need to elect people who actually run the county with integrity, and spend their time on things that matter.

David Bates

Suppose someone told you, in the days after 9/11, that 20 years later Americans would be at each other's throats over something virtually every public school student in America has been required to do for more than half a century? Would you believe that person?


Mary needs a truth vaccine...and make it mandatory.


It’s a sad day when basic honesty is no longer a requirement for a “leader” in our county....the citizens deserve better....


As the previous Commissioner and Mcminnville mayor,i have problems with the Commissioners not knowing the Oregon State public records law and how those laws apply to these communications. Substituting uoir signature and redacting others
name to protect the staff members name is if anything violating state ethics laws. Although i doubt if commissioner Lindsey cares about ethics


So those of you that think she is would rather she break her promise to keep them confidential by revealing their identities? You are promoting dishonesty and then are harping on her for being dishonest? Talk about a double standard. That often is just part of the package with Dems, so I'm not surprised. Why don't you start calling out your commander in Chief for his extensive history (current and ancient) of lying and being caught. Use your powers for good for once.


Really wish i wouldn't have voted for kulla


LML- Starrett is either lying or she made promises that she can’t legally keep....neither option reflects well on her competence or credibility. Given her history of bending the truth, her statements require factual corroboration, particularly when no emails were found on county servers.
Ironic that you’re calling out the Dems for dishonesty given the whoppers being pushed by Republican leadership these days....even the crackpot Arizona audit shows Biden won AZ. But the “ big lie” continues....


LML, if any employee, citizen, or person having business before a government agency or agent in Oregon (including any elected official) comes to that agency or agent and asks to speak in private they are told that is not possible. The only exceptions are for specifically described HR matters, law enforcement investigations, and certain civil and criminal court matters. The described conversations do not fall within the exemptions to public disclosure requirements in our state.

There are very good reasons for these laws that the vast majority of Oregonians all agree surpass anyone's desires for anonymity. These are matters of important public policy. Lawmakers, judicial authorities, and quasi-judicial authorities whose decision making may be influenced by such communications are obligated to disclose such communications. The people's business is not to be conducted in secret. Commissioner Starrett is completely wrong in any declaration she might make either in public or in private that she may consult with anyone in secret. That is not the way in Oregon. It is against the law.


Treehouse, while your apparent zeal for the integrity of public records and communication is admirable, you are mistaken in your description of what constitutes public communication. Public officials may indeed speak, or consult, in private to citizens on public matters (excepting ex-parte contact re quasi-judicial matters) any time they want. It is not “against the law.” I’m not sure what your source for this indictment is, but you are only making a bad situation worse. What we need is clarity. Unfortunately, you have muddied the waters.


I agree they can speak or consult by spoken word in private. But under the law if the communication is recorded or written down, as in the form of email, text messages, etc. then that record becomes a public record. I admit, in my "zeal" I was overbroad and unclear.

But while elected officials can and certainly do have communications with constituents, employees, businesses etc. concerning matters of public interest outside of public meetings, any records of those communications are by law public records. So it can be unwise and potentially burdensome. And Commissioner Starrett is incorrect in her claim that she can withhold such records as "secrets" to be kept exclusively between her and any anonymous private parties. And I think she knows this too. If I'm not mistaken Commissioner Starrett receives annual training on Oregon Public Records. She ought to know it better than any of us.



Interesting that you made the assumption I was a DEM. If I Recall my post i did not mention what my party affiliation was since I beleive that affiliation has nothing to do with how a commissioner makes decisions on what is best for the citizens we are elected to serve.