Ellie Gunn: Building community one block at a time

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Why don't we all simply join a commune and be together forever, lockstep, the rest of our lives?


A neighborhood association can help bring crime down through neighborhood watches. when neighbors get to know one another they do create a safer place to live. they create pride in where they live along with a sense of safety which can lead to neighbors being a great mix of seniors, young families with children, and the wonderful mix of ages and cultures that is best of American communities. Neighbors getting to know one another, coming together to improve, and make safer where they live is a wonderful idea. One might say American.


One might call it democracy also. Great comments Michael. In addition, it is not about moving in lockstep - its about sharing and discussing differing opinions and needs which helps the health, growth and direction of the neighborhood and the overall McMinnville Community. A neighborhood association builds community from the bottom up instead of being dictated by the top. This builds community.


Up to a point, but beyond, it smacks of social engineering. Please reconsider planning what others do to fill their spare time.
Knowing your neighbors is great and makes sense as long as people understand not everyone is group-oriented.


No one has to join, lulu. If you live in that neighborhood just don't do anything crazy, like join a group.


I really dislike native species plants--to me, they resemble giant weeds. Give me dinnerplate showy dahlias any day. No squash, Brussels sprouts, broccoli or rutabagas, either. I don't recycle [gasp!]. So,essentially, I'm not "one of us". In so many more ways than these paltry examples, after returning home from work, I want to put my feet up and relax. Because I'm beat. Please, no boring meetings; no interminable action committees; no historic building inventories. No walking along the Cozine or summer picnics. Neighborhood watch was great--I did it for several years but now I'm done.
This constant preoccupation about safety and the fear of great threats becomes tiresome. May you live in interesting times, according to the old saying. The other is how you can choose your friends but not your relatives.

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