By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

DEQ fines city of Dayton over sewage violations

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David S. Wall

Listed below is information the reader can use to make an informed decision.

*The NOTICE OF VIOLATIONS from the Department of Environmental Quality letter, dated [November 22, 2022[ can be seen here:

*The City of Dayton's Public Works-[Wastewater Systems Facility Plan June 2012] can be seen here:

**The City of Dayton is in trouble...maybe big trouble if what has occurred over time since the issuance of the [Wastewater Systems Facility Plan June 2012]. The fine might be considered a meager annoyance compared to fee increases the rate payers will incur if system upgrades are required.

Why hasn't the City of Dayton issued an 'upgraded' Wastewater Systems Facility Plan since [June of 2012]? According to the article, "...Wytoski told the News-Register. She said fixing the city’s aging system has been a focus of her eight-year tenure as mayor, but there are problems it is beyond the city’s means to address." DEQ should have a 'boat-load' of documentation supporting Wytoski's claims of repair and compliance issues.

Is the Waste Water Collection System separate from the Storm Sewer connections?

Why wasn't a 'computer camera system' utilized to make a visual characterization of the collection system? This is a far better choice than the use of 'smoke.'

The City of Dayton's residential and economical growth is dependent upon Wastewater Treatment. The use of oxidation ponds with aeration may not be adequate to adhere to discharge limits.

David S. Wall