By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Deputies, firefighters back at Hendricks Road property as eviction deadline looms

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I still want to know what happened to the goat that was tied to a tree.

Nicole Montesano

Kat758, We posed this question to the county code enforcement officer. Here is his answer: "My understanding is that Rodger [Schneider, the former owner who is now deceased], had a goat and it was tethered in the front yard. At some point, months ago, one of the tenants untied the goat and it has been seen wandering the fields."

Reporter Starla Pointer

And another bit about the goat: A resident of the property says there were two goats that belonged to Schneider. One died of old age in the fall. The other was rehomed shortly after Schneider died and now lives on a farm.

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