By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Crowd packs council to demand action on homeless

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Apparently what this will take is the business owners moving to a better city where they can do business without being threatened or having customers walk through urine soaked walls and trash. What will the council do when there are more empty buildings on 3rd street than open businesses? How long do you think the business owners will put up with what they are perceiving as tolerance for homeless behavior? People generally keep to the status quo until it becomes more uncomfortable than they can tolerate. Who will become more uncomfortable first?


Yet another stalemate. This intolerable situation worsens daily. Trying to drop off a payment at Water & Light feels like running the gauntlet.
And the RVs and trash and filth and menacing attitude grow as relentlessly as a tumor.


Move to Newberg! More conservative and no tents and campers here.


I'm happy to see that hall full of angry voters. It should be that way every meeting.


Vote them out!

Cut the "services" that attract them here from across the Country

Quit enabling. Like the gal in the RV said - she's not homeless! We simply enable and attract them here.

Btw. Was the parking structure clearing out against the law too?

Notice who calls for compassion? The guy making his living for the last 12 years "fixing" the problem.

Step 1: refuse to call them homeless - they are campers who have found their perfect campsite.

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