By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Creamery builds wall to avoid spilled milk, future fines

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Hmm....wouldn’t elimination of the reason for the spills be less expensive?

Don Dix

That 'spill' has been going on since the plant was built (it was planned that way) -- there just wasn't much development between the original building and the creek.


Spills are planned?...That would be an interesting reflection on management....

Don Dix

tagup -- when the plant was built, spills were piped to a small creek that runs next to Penneys towards Jae's Restaurant and Bar. With few exceptions, none of the development between the creamery and the creek was present. It isn't any kind of news that a milk spill ends up there if the history of the plant is examined.


I understand the history....but I hope that isn’t still happening....