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County to support suit against governor

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It is heartening to learn our country commissioners support reopening our economy so the virus can spread, our hospitals can be overwhelmed by the sick and deaths can soar. I'm sure the families of those who become violently ill and /or die will thank you every day. Question for you though, will you pay their medical/ funeral expenses.


Retired- please note that the vote was 2-1. Ms Starrett and her new assistant voting for, and Commissioner Kulla against this meaningless exercise that will have no impact on the court.

We should also note that Kulla has asked for Mike Nearman’s resignation which I commend him for. The other commissioners can’t seem to find the strength to reject Nearman’s actions.....pretty sad given the obvious circumstances....

Amity fan

This is incredibly sad. Yamhill County is at a new low. Now the lies start as follows: "Berschauer argued that the desire to curb Brown’s authority is “not partisan.” She said it is also supported by Democratic lawmakers, but when pressed by Kulla to name some, she was not able to do so." To say this is not partisan is a flat out lie. Starrett and Berschauer(rubber stamp) will oppose anything that Kate Brown does - because she's a Democrat, period. I am not a fan of Kate, but these two commissioners haven't figured out how to build relationships and form partnerships because they are too wrapped up in themselves. Unfortunately we have descended into the lies and half truths of Washington DC. It is a waste of taxpayer resources and it is pathetic.


Completely agree here. With the tag team of Starrett and Berschauer, voting against Kulla, I see the political climate changing very much. Amity Fan, I can't say it much better than you...


Mary Starrett and Lindsay Berschauer. Maybe NR should reverse the names once in awhile to avoid monotony. Berschauer and Starrett.


I don’t know....The “boss” should always get top billing.....

Amity fan

Hey, anon. may be onto something. Then we could simply refer to them by their initials, BS. Fitting......


My wife and I stand behind our courageous Commissioners who are doing their best to hold the Governor accountable for destroying people's livelihoods'.
It seems to have been forgotten somehow that we have a right to voice a differing opinion and be heard with respect given to other views. Time is of the essence in this situation, and we need our small business open! Less people on the governments very generous teat, is the only way our nation can grow our way to prosperity. The other way is to have Mrs. America barefoot and pregnant forever. Mrs. Vet24


Vet24 I agree with you. This situation is devastating for so many, this cannot continue. I work in social services and I see daily what this had done to people and business's it is heartbreaking to say the least.


It's good to see our county officials standing up to the Governor. Better for local officials to make these calls on schools and business as they are closer to the problem and will hear and hopefully listen to the will of the people. How can the pot shops and liquor store be essential to the community and gyms and barber shops are not. Once again the government is picking the winners and the losers.


They could expend their efforts doing something productive like working on a plan to get the vaccine rolled out in the County. That is going to be the most effective (and safest way) out of this. Instead they choose to write a letter. These two are long on the posturing and very short on the actual doing.


I agree Mad....the way out of this mess is through vaccination and social distance, not throwing open the doors of all business. Not sure opening business even solves the problem as long as people are wary of being around others....


Vet want to hold the Governor accountable....ok....what about Mike Nearman?
Two of the “ courageous “ commissioners are avoiding the issue.....


Isn't there anything productive the county can do? Don't republicans have any plans at all for getting us through the covid devastation besides attacking democrats in court?


Vet24 - Livelihoods? What good is an "economy" if you're dead?


Is it possible to recall commissioners in this county? This is such a waste of time and is causing confusion with businesses.


A recall of Mary is very doable! It would take a relatively low number of signatures. It only takes about 15% of the votes Gov Brown received in Yamhill County when she was elected to her current term. Since YC voted for the Republican, not Brown, it’s only about 8,000. I bet it could be done. As far as her lap dog, she gets a six month grace period before a recall could be initiated for her.


Yet another huge embarrassment for Yamhill County perpetrated by fools.


Everyone has their opinions about the commissioners but Berschauer hasn't been on the job that long so you don't have much to go on. Have you considered emailing her and letting the comissioners in on your theories? - if you don't like it why not run for office......I'd also like to know How many here are losing everything they've worked for for the last 20 years and are tens of thousands of dollars in debt soley because Brown is overreaching her "state of emergency"? How many here are staying home at home all the time because there's an epidemic? Those of you that are going ballistic that the county shouldn't open, I would bet are pretty much living life the same way you always have. Doing whatever you want andwearing a half-a** one layer mask. Well, here's the thing....other's lives are going to hell while you guys type your opinions from your recliners and bank your covid cash. You can preach all your high and mighty restrictions, but until its you living this hell on the brink of bankruptcy, having to take handouts for the first time in your life and seriously considering really giving up on life... it's best you just keep your thoughtless and self consuming "thou shalt not's" to yourselves and stay home practicing what you preach.


Happy MLK day from our glorious county commissioner...Goebbels could not have said it better:
"By Mary Starrett
January 16, 2004
Get ready for the inevitable, interminable "I Have A Dream" video montages, the endless droning of the media about the Reverend Martin Luther King's martyrdom for America's downtrodden . Get ready for the annual con job that's been foisted on the populace for 21 years. For if we judge Martin Luther King Jr. on "the content of his character" and "not the color of his skin", surely no banks or schools or post offices would be shut down for a day. Is this the best Black man America has to offer up to honor?"


Thank you Jean. I had not seen that toxic piece of bigotry and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. It does not surprise me, it is variations on a theme. I have such a difficult time believing that my fellow Yamhill County citizens can tolerate, much less support Starrett. In a matter of hours America will be rid of Osama Bin Trump and we dare to hope that his malignant influence will fade in time. Obviously the stench will linger so long as his acolytes occupy seats of power but we can and must make every effort to correct that disastrous national shame.

I am appalled by Starrett’s failure to condemn Nearman’s assistance to the armed insurgents at the capitol. Could this possible illustrate her agenda more clearly?

We are all in danger as she continues to oppose common sense measures to control the contagion, and to work against those who are trying to protect us. It is reprehensible that she uses her position to imperil her constituents and humiliate Yamhill County.

Some Yamhill voters gave her this power, in light of the way she has abused it I hope there WILL be a recall and we can unite to strip it away. Extremists who work against the welfare of the governed deserve to be exposed and removed.

Where do I sign?


We should be doing everything we can to open up Yamhill County. Why can't we open safely? Why can't those who think it is too risky to dine out stay home? Thank you commissioners for trying to save the small businesses in Yamhill County!


Do you not understand how the virus can be spread?....if you really want to save small business, ask your commissioners to get vaccines distributed to the county....

David S. Wall

Thank-you Jean for sharing Commissioner Starrett's alleged literary past!


Consider viewing all articles written allegedly by Mary by clicking the "ARCHIVE" button just below "No Nonsense" sporting Mary's smiling, cheerful picture. Ask Mary if she wrote all of these articles.

As to the issue at hand...the Governor isn't going to "give a damn" concerning any letter from Yamhill County Commissioners unless it supports a RECALL to remove Governor Kate Brown from office.

The BOC should concern itself with getting COVID vaccines available, preparing for a myriad of social disasters when the; fee money, food and renter's eviction-moratorium runs-out.

Berschauer's and Starrett's (Herein "B.S.") position on helping local businesses should focus on unwinding the Yamhill County / SEDCOR (Scientific Economic Development Corporation) contract to use a portion of the remaining money to aid businesses-like restaurants, food-trucks (and Not their favorite pet, "Non-profit and or Public Benefit Corporations") providing food relief and to remediate the catastrophic suffering which will surface when the eviction-moratorium comes to a screeching end.

After all, elected officials are supposed to make financial decisions-not to contract financial decision making to third-party independent contractors using taxpayer dollars to do so.

The money to fund eviction-moratorium and select mortgage relief to property owners has a finite life-span. What then?

David S. Wall


Jean- Look at the sources she cites in that piece, Hoover, a segregationist politician, and one of the fathers of the Christian Identity movement to name a few. The fact that she holds office here is a stain on the county.

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