By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County to appeal gun ordinance ruling

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Flushing more of our tax dollars down the toilet for their vanity project. B&S are completely useless commissioners.


Yamhill County must have a bunch of disposable money!! Perfectly unacceptable behavior from our elected officials.


More wasted money??


We get what we vote into office. Apparently Yamhill County voters like commissioners who wastefully spend their tax money on personal issues while wasting dollars and precious time that should be spent on the real pressing issues.


Again with the waste of county taxpayer money.


They voted to file the appeal before they met with the attorney about strategy and the chance of success?...seems like you should evaluate your chances before spending tax payer dollars.
I wonder if they would vote to proceed with the litigation if they had to use their own money?

Joel R

Huge waste of money. Totally unnecessary because State Measure 114 will never survive in court.

Nicole Montesano

This story has been corrected: The commissioners' executive session last week was not with attorney Tyler Smith and not about the appeal. Apparently, there was some confusion during editing.
Commissioner Mary Starrett tells me the board will meet with Smith this week. An executive session has been scheduled after the regular Thursday meeting.



It’s called leadership. They have absolutely no responsibility to to enforce unconstitutional laws, and citizens have no requirement to follow unconstitutional laws. The cost of the appeal will be nothing compared to the cost of trying to enforce measure 114, or the lawsuits that will follow in its wake. The SCOTUS recently overturned a NYC law with the same idiotic requirements for gun permits. If I remember the city was wringing it’s hands over removing homeless from public property because of a 9th circuit court of appeals decision. I wonder if they will be concerned before ordering the PD to enforce a new unconditional gun control mandate? Doubt it.


Attempting to initiate County level gun regulation is not’s bad judgment.
This Appeal is (continued) misuse of county funds and the decision to proceed is the result of a personal agenda that does nothing to benefit the majority of county taxpayers.The county won’t win in court and the only benefit will be to Mr Smith when he submits his bill to the county.


The commissioners are not on an ego trip. They are trying to prevent unconstitutional laws from being enforced by the sheriff and deputy’s that work in the county. There are several, overreaching, unconstitutional laws headed our way, wouldn’t it be nice if our elected officials said, no more! Instead of throwing up the hands and saying we’ll see what happens.



And that is what county funds are for, litigating issues such as these. This is part of the commissioner’s jobs. They are not required to enforce unconstitutional laws, and we as citizens are not required to follow such laws. Imagine how our society would be different if we all had the courage to live that way. And I include myself in that.


You and/or the county commissioners don’t get to choose what is considered unconstitutional. So your argument doesn’t hold water.


Good job commissioners, this would cost the county way more money trying to enforce unconstitutional laws. Portland doesn't get to dictate how the rest of the state lives their lives. Let them destroy their city, not the entire state

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