By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County likely to have SEDCOR handle economic impact grants

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David S. Wall

Hey Nicole, it is 'SEDCOR-Strategic Economic Development Corporation' not 'Sedcore'.

I am vehemently opposed to having any contract, at any time and for any reason with SEDCOR.

We elect County Commissioners to make decisions...not to farm out their fiduciary duties to pay; a third-party's salaries, benefits and administrative 'overheads' to 'dole-out' our tax money for illusory economic development projects on the recommendations of a group of select political appointees on the 'the Economic Development Advisory Committee'.

***'The Economic Development Advisory Committee' and the identities of the members nor are their Agendas listed anywhere on the County's website. Why? There is a lot of our tax money changing hands.

***It is bad enough SEDCOR's tentacles have successfully latched on and are firmly attached to the Board of Commissioner's purse strings having complete access to the 'Video Lottery money' allocation from the Regional Solutions group located in the Governor's Office for use in Yamhill County's Economic Development. Taxpayer monies that should not be used to make a few persons rich.

***SEDCOR has an 'exclusive' contract to provide 'Economic Development' in the County so...what has SEDCOR done for us?

Did any other 'Economic Development' companies get to compete for this very juicy contract?

Now the Board of Commissioners (BOC) are going to give SEDCOR another 'fat contract' using the 'borrowed ARPA money'?

Does a Yamhill County Commissioner 'get paid' to sit on the 'Board of SEDCOR'?

Commissioner Berschauer is currently a 'Board Member' of SEDCOR.

David S. Wall

Tom Hammer

angry David Wall comes out of the woodwork a couple of months every two years to criticize the process and offer NO solutions.


Berschauer’s being involved in a contract decision for the county and being on the board of the company looking to win the bid, is a clear conflict of interest. The obvious solution is for her to leave the board and to recuse herself from the decision for the county.....ethics matter!