By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County hires Chamber director for new economic development post

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The SEDCOR contract cost $12k a month.


And Goodrum's loaded salary will be $135,000/year in other words more than $10,000/month. Plus she will be working for the Commissioners directly, thus if she makes one move they don't agree with they can terminate her.


A “ no comment “ on the scope of her new role? Really?


I sense an opportunity for a chain of rural gun shops. They could dot rural byways at strategic intersections.
Maybe they could even offer drive-by options, a new twist on the old drive-through standbys of yesteryear.
A gun shop next to every pot shop, I say. What could possibly go wrong?


Wasn't the Se or contract paid via a grant and not from county tax dollars? Will the new position be paid from the same funds? A "no Comment" is a stellar way to start the relationship with the public.


Gioia was an amazing leader for the Chamber. A real champion for businesses and a good communicator for how new state laws and decisions would impact us locally. She will be missed.

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