By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County eyes building in Evergreen complex

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Silver Fox

Building 3500 is one of the best deals in the region due to it's having an existing in-ground vehicle lube bay and a purpose-built heavy equipment maintenance shop. The other building, 3600 would make a perfect home for a regional economic development agency and small entrepreneurs/start-up incubator. Both sites have high-speed internet and are well situated on Hwy 18. For some time, this has been kind of a no-brainer. It is also another reason that voters should think a little harder when electing Commissioners.

Yamhill County is no longer the sleepy place it once was and the time has come to elect more "professionally qualified" leaders such as Stan P. who can pair their professional business skills with some proactive vision.

The buildings that the implosion of Evergreen left behind are building key regional assets, and it is good to know that the County finally sees some value in at lease one. Now the question is whether the Commissioners can hear the knock, knock, knock of opportunity and move quickly to open the door and let it in.

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