By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County extends contract with retired attorney

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Ms Starett doesn’t think it serves anyone to talk about Sadlo’s personal issues......then she goes ahead and does it......classic example of someone with zero integrity....


"Instead, the county hire Wendie Kellington"

Now there's a really bad idea. Nothing like a conflict of interest, not that I think it would bother Ms. Kellington in the slightest.


I hear Giuliani is looking for a new gig, two of our commissioners seem to be very much in line with him.....


I'm surprised Sadlo is willing to contract back part time after having to work with those two BOC clowns as long as he did. It must be frustrating to try to explain things to them in their fantasy world.


When the two commissioners talk about Sadlo, their lips are moving but it’s the trail opponents that are doing the talking.....