By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County debates ordinance on gun sanctuary

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More waste of time and county resources to forward a bought and paid for agenda. Yamhill County is considered easy pickin's for this kind of thing. We have way more important things to be doing than this. Berschauer attempts to instill fear "theyre coming after your guns" in order to forward useless personal agenda stuff.


This type of symbolic gesturing has been going on for years in conservative counties around the country.

Those earnest folks who are making it a serious discussion about gun control are completely missing the point.

This is really just feeding the fantasies about heroically resisting some imaginary gun registration and confiscation Armageddon which the fringes of the gun culture have been scaring themselves with forever.

Since the Yamhill County voters in their wisdom put two commissioners of that persuasion in office, we’ll see lots more time wasted on this silliness. The practical effect will be zero.


I would like to offer a proposal to Mary and Lindsay: please draft an ordinance that says county officials cannot enforce age restrictions on alcohol and tobacco laws. The law that says one must be 21 years old is an infringement on personal rights. Soon, I will be requesting ordinances on other ridiculous laws. We, the citizens of Yamhill County, do not have to follow laws passed by the liberal Democrats!


But, they are coming after our guns. They don't attempt to hide it any more.


Who is “they”?

Don Dix

From all evidence and indications, 'they' are the same names that want to defund the police.


Having watched on line I would like to point out that the pro's were over 800 and those against were approx 50. I believe the commissioner's in favor are not trying to do away with all gun laws but just the future laws like the one being proposed by the legislature in which, for example a person with a concealed carry permit that was pulled over for a traffic citation in the library's parking lot could be charged with a class 4 felony. I point out that they are doing the prudent thing in involving our district attorney and sheriff.


Your example Seems like a pretty rare occurrence that doesn’t really warrant elimination of background checks for firearms purchase....


I agree tagup/some rewording might be prudent.


What you “believe” is irrelevant.....the sanctuary designation will affect all gun related law....not just “ future” legislation.

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