By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County commissioners want to observe department meetings

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Micromanaging is not an efficient approach for running a large organization, but it’s the fallback position for those without management skills.


IMO, the County became a management dumpster fire the moment Leslie Lewis walked in the door. The sloppy implementation of the County Administrator model made things even worse, but the real reason behind it was that two of the three commissioners didn't want to show up and do their jobs. It created an environment wherein the commissioners could hide behind the administrator, and vice versa. Tschabold and Huffer were/are grossly unqualified to fill this role - but they filled the role of performing the nefarious deeds for misguided commissioners. As long as the corruption is still in place, no manner of adjustment is going to solve the issues. The lawsuits are/will continue - and staff will prevail with them. So now the commissioners want to micromanage. If that's the case, it is clear indication that they feel their administrator is not doing his job. Two weeks ago, Starrett wanted to create a new position for a Deputy county administrator apparently not realizing that they already had one! What a stinking, expensive mess!


Boise is absolutely right.

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