By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County attorney claims vendetta is behind Oregon Bar complaint

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It seems the opponents of the trail are trying to rewrite the narrative.

They must feel stigmatized for successfully killing the project (that was widely popular) and the county taking a $1M loss due to having to refund the state for the grant. Now they appear to be attempting to make the claim that the decision to pursue the trail in the first place was based on fraud. And, they are attempting to place the blame on the "fraudsters" for pushing the trail on false pretenses.

The opponents look bad here. That was land they never owned, were lucky to have the railroad and rail cars removed so they could pass over it, and were fearful of having tourists in their back yard.

Erin C.

Berschauer and her funders seem intent on running Yamhill County like the Mafia, threatening, bullying and intimidating anyone who disagrees with them.


I'm ashamed of our Board of Commissioners for not standing up for county staff in this situation. Since 2017, the Board of Commissioners has supported the trail by a majority, and it has been the responsibility of county staff to execute their vision. The vision only changed officially in January, 2021... not May 2020 when Commissioner Berschauer was elected.

M. Isaac

The trail these folks opposed was the 2.8 miles between Carlton and Yamhill, communities that share a school district. Both of these cities and Yamhill County identified this trail as a safety improvement. The only thing Mr. Sadlo is "guilty" of is representing his clients (the Board of Commissioners) and trying to help provide a safe way for kids to ride their bikes to school.


Why has Mr Schmidt never been charged for trespassing and the building of his illegal fences on the corridor. He called the NR to come get photos of the county having destroyed one his fences built illegally. Who does this guy think he is? I sat thru him lecturing the commissioners on who is truly a farmer. I guess you need to trespass to be a good farmer.


The opponents seem to think the corridor belongs to them not the public. They seem more like a bunch of self entitled whiners.


Seems to me that all of the concerns brought by the opposition to the trail could have been resolved with a little compromise ...scrapping the entire project was short sighted and not in the best interest of the county.


Mr. Sadlo was doing a good job and this will be tossed by the bar. A few farmers thought they owned something because they got used to nobody doing anything with adjoining property. They got lucky when two nuts supported them from the BOC. Vote those two out and get back to some form or reasonable.