By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Counties issue W. Valley ambulance warning

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Chief Fred Hertel has almost accomplished his goal of destroying the West Valley Fire District, and three members of the Board helped him. Three years ago before Hertel took over we had two ambulances, money in the bank, and plenty of staff. Now the County Commissioners are talking about giving our ASA to the CTGR. That would bring about the demise of WVFD. I wish I could blame them, or at least explain how this situation came about and ask them for more time to correct the problem, but doubt that will happen. The Board should be ashamed of themselves for what they allowed to happen and owe the people of our district a huge apology. Patty Brooks


From the article, it’s not clear what the problem is....staffing?
If CTGR can’t cover the area and West Valley can’t cover the area.....who do you assign the ASA area too?


Sheridan might be the best option as they have been running an ambulance for 40+ years. GR has had an ambulance run by the WVFD for some 12-13 years. The GR service could do just fine as well.

SW Polk is way out of the running as they are a fair bit away and NO ambulance experience.