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Council opts for hearing on Baker Creek development

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A map would be helpful here.

McMinnville Planning Department

Just to clarify for everyone. The City Council directed staff to notice and hold a public hearing on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 for the six Baker Creek North land-use applications. They will not be conducting a public hearing nor taking public testimony on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. The McMinnville City Code directs city staff to bring any Planning Commission recommendations to the McMinnville City Council first as an action item for them to consider and they can decide if they want to have a public hearing at a future date. Due to public hearing noticing requirements and the need for the City to render a decision on this land-use proposal prior to February 8 (state law requires that cities issue decisions within 120 days of receiving a completed application), staff asked City Council if they thought they would like a public hearing for this project at their meeting in December so that we could notice it properly for the January 28 meeting. Notice needs to be mailed out to adjacent property owners between 20 - 30 days in advance of a public hearing and advertised in the News Register between 5 - 15 days in advance of a public hearing. If we were directed to notice a public hearing at their meeting on January 14, we would not have been able to meet the noticing requirements for adjacent property owners and still meet the state mandated deadline for a decision. This is a very important legal distinction. Thus, on January 14, staff will be presenting the six land-use applications for this project to City Council as an action item and will take questions from City Council at that time. The City Council will not be conducting a public hearing nor hearing public testimony on January 14. With that said though,anyone interested in the project should come to the meeting to learn more about the details of the project from the staff presentation. An abbreviated version of the staff presentation will be provided at the public hearing on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

McMinnville Planning Department

One more correction. The McMinnville City Council will not be meeting on January 21 to discuss this project. They will be meeting in work session on January 22 to discuss future growth needs, however since the Baker Creek North project is currently in a quasi-judicial land-use process it will not be part of that work session. The City Council will be hosting a public hearing on January 28, 2020 for the Baker Creek North land-use applications.

David S. Wall

McMinnvilleans, You are headed for a "world of hurt" if this development project moves forward.

This entire project is a damnable abomination.

McMinnville is quickly losing its' agricultural and bucolic ambience in exchange for what?

Who is going to pay for the city services this project will demand?

What effect is this project going to have upon McMinnville's $1.4 Million dollar deficit?

David S. Wall


@ David S. Wall it’s too late this county is now Washington County....

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