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Council looks at affordable housing for 2020

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Sounds like our planning director wants to do for people what they should be doing for themselves. Instead of destroying our beautiful farmland and turning McMinnville into Beaverton, why not just let free market forces play out? Cant afford housing in McMinnville? Get more education so you can get a better paying job. Don't want to do that? Move to a different town or state where housing is cheaper. You know, personal responsibility instead of the nanny state government.

David S. Wall

The people who are paying more than 30% of their income for "rents and or mortgages" are not the problem of government; it is the personal responsibility of those who incur financial obligations to support their housing choice and location.

But, local government officials wastefully expend taxpayer monies to "victimize" this population so as to create a "Housing entitlement(s)."

Government officials also invoke social engineering schemes to support housing entitlements by justifying the expansion of the UGB and even worse, objectionable taxing schemes to economically support the housing entitlement objectives. [Check out [HJR 203] which taxes a homeowners "equity" over $500K as a funding source for "affordable housing."]

Does McMinnville need a Planning Director, No not at all. "Encourage" the Planning Director to "Float away" along with the "Floating Zoning for Transitional Housing."

Does McMinnville need the Economic Development functions, No not at all. Businesses will relocate here because it is in their interest(s) to do so. Visitors will come here for the same reason(s).

Does McMinnville need a City Manager and Attorney, No not at all. These positions can easily be "contracted out."

Does McMinnville need elected officials who keep the aforementioned on the taxpayer dole to continue to promote city growth changing beautiful, quiet McMinnville into another Portland. "Hell No."

McMinnville has "NO money, NO Land" and or local citizen support to expand housing.

Local government should focus on reducing fees (taxes), investing in local infrastructure and refining city services.

The "Baker Creek Development, broke the camel's back."

David S. Wall

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