By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Committee endorses local match funding for next phase of bypass

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Mac Grizzly

So the 219 interchange was made an absolute mess, including Commissioner Starrett's insistence that prime farmland be swallowed up to implement her "fix" for the Wilsonville highway. Of course we all know that she is smarter than any engineer. Now it just takes a cool $28 to $32 million to fix it. Between that interchange and the ugly fishhook on the West end of Dundee that forces a left hand turn across traffic lanes to access the bypass, it is unbelievable how much money has been poured down the drain. 10's of millions - maybe hundreds of millions before it's over. Of course local taxpayer money will also have to "match" any more money from the feds, thus every citizen in the county is paying for this mess.


Another good reason for Republicans in Congress to stop obstructing and pass Biden's infrastructure plan.


So long as it's all really for "infrastructure."

David S. Wall

Post #1

Here are a few facts so you may make an informed decision.

The Membership of the Yamhill County Parkway Committee is seen here;

***[Note: "Term Limits"]

" The Parkway Committee is asking for $20 million."

"The money would require a 20% local match. (To show local support for the project.)"

"Bonamici warned that the bypass project probably wouldn’t receive more than $10 million, at most, Giguere told the committee."

(So, no one knows how much money, if any, Bonamici will cough-up.)

"...lobbyist [Michelle] Giguere..." is a "Partner" at Summit Strategies.

Summit Strategies can be viewed here:

**Yamhill County Parkway Committee "Back-dated Contract" with Summit Strategies can be viewed here: [Pages 71-76]

Why was this contract "back-dated?"

Look how much money is involved and spent over several years.

Why isn't Representative Bonamici Yamhill County's paid "Lobbyist?"

Got to Post #2

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Post #2

"Local support and dollars are key, Haugeberg said, so the committee, comprised largely of local mayors, unanimously approved a resolution endorsing and supporting the idea of having local cities contribute financially."

Where do you think the "Local money" is going to come from?

Your property taxes? Your local behinds?

"The full bypass, intended to be built in three stages, is planned to be an 11-mile, four-lane road from Dayton to Rex Hill east of Newberg."

This is True but,...Phase II of the bypass is a "two-lane road."

When do you think funding will be provided to add "two additional lanes?"

3rd of Never?

Oregon is broke.

In my opinion, the Phase II- "two-lane" road is obsolete before it is even built and way too expensive.

Plus, I don't want to pay for it.

And... don't forget...Newberg's Mayor is looking for "Local Contributions" to pay for the proposed "Trail" adjacent to the bypass.

I don't want to pay for this "Trail" either.

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

I apologize.

I almost forgot to mention to the Newberg folks...

Did your Mayor inform you the bypass is going to go right through that beautiful "open-space area" alongside Fernwood Road @ Brutscher Street by the Golf course?

I know many of your families enjoy this area for your children's soccer practice and other family activities.

Of course, there is planned a raised "Bridge" over Brutscher Street so maybe you'll just have to get over the noise pollution and the ugly concrete structure.

And, to the residents of the beautiful homes, "The Greens" on Fernwood Road.

Did your Mayor inform you of the noise pollution the bypass will wrought upon your peaceful neighborhood and not to forget, the automatic diminution of your property values?

Yes, there will be "sound-walls" for you to look at.

David S. Wall