By Jodie DeJonge • Managing Editor • 

Committee approves $117M city budget as pandemic impact looms

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Christmas has Talons

We need a new City Council and Mayor the ones we have simply don't seem to have a grasp on economics and living within our means. There are cuts that can be made that will help stable McMinnville in the face of serious repercussions from quarantine Kate and her band of thieves.

What should happen is at the next meeting a copy of the budget should be given to everyone in the audience and ask them to make the cuts they think will be best for the city and whoever comes up with the best idea
that idea should be voted on.


Let’s say 100 people attend. Are you saying this small number has the say for all citizens? Who will decide which idea is the best to be voted on? Every armchair quarterback thinks s/he has the sacred answer. Waah! Waah! Waah!


But it sounds like a good Saturday night live skit....

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