By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners will not pass an emergency declaration on homelessness

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What an awful and entirely expected decision by our commissioners. Remember when Kit said “common sense?” Hearing them say we have an emergency but won’t do anything about it is not common sense. It’s antithetical. Remember when Mary said she would end homelessness in 10 years? She won’t even support a taskforce. She won’t listen to service providers. And she shames people trying to improve their circumstances. Remember when Lindsay said … oh wait, she just criticizes everyone without self reflection. WE NEED TO DO BETTER


See those people car camping in your neighborhoods? Their landlords are these county commissioners. Remember that each November. Local government officials should be about solving problems rather than forwarding the latest Fox News, OAN talking points.

Tyler C

Incredibly disappointing.


The logic, or lack thereof, escapes me. On one hand our commissioners complain about why it took so long to get the money out. Then they complain that there may not be any money left. Then after delaying and delaying, they refuse to do anything. My question to these rudderless leaders is, what exactly are you going to do that is going to help end this blight? So far, you've done nothing. It would have been better weeks ago if they had said they won't declare an emergency - period. Rather than drag on the drama with senseless rhetoric that concluded in nothing. No solutions, no suggestions, no partnerships with our local communities, no partnerships with the state. BS have done it again. BTW, where is our newest commissioner in all this? Further enabling?


Sparkler makes a valid point. Where is Kit? Another silent partner?
"Rudderless leaders" says it all. I would laugh, except nothing's funny here.


The amount of enabling the state of Oregon commits is comical, embarrassing, and a complete disservice to ALL citizens. When will the permanent facilities at Wortman Park reopen??? Just one example of how the homeless are dictating the lives of tax payers. How were other funds used on this issue exactly? And where were those funds pulled from?


Kit is on board with whatever Berschauer tells him. He clearly lacks the competence to even ask meaningful questions, even when the direction is clearly not in the best interests of the county.


Shame on Yamhill Co Commissioners. They prove that they are unfit to serve the county, behaving according to their own personal biases and not according to collective need, available funds and intelligent collaborative problem solving. The mayors of the cities are doing wonderful job of understanding their communities and their needs, but are thwarted at every turn by the commissioners. Not just on housing but with replacing the parks board with their own financial (and un-fit for the position) benefactors and family members demonstrating selfishness, nepotism, and ego-based decision making.

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