By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners tell ODOT no tolls

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The COUNTY commissioners should spend their productive time working on things to better for Yamhill County, like finding the $1M+ shortfall that their constituents will have to come up with that was erroneously spent .... Thanks Lindsey.


Can Kulla answer any question straight up? Is he for charging taxpayers for the privilege to drive on roads they have already paid to install and maintain? What would his opinion be at the advisory level? please tell us. I realize our betters in Salem have already decided this without our consent and its more or less a symbolic statement, but come clean. Does he want to wait until county citizens are paying $12 or $14 a day to drive to work in PDX before he expresses himself on the process? What's he going to do, if God forbid he is actually elected as the Labor Commissioner?


He did answer...he said a letter is a waste of time!

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