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Commissioners renew pressure on Public Health

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Every activity involves some risk. An activity that is intended to prevent an illness or death and has an overwhelming history of doing so, which has a very minor chance of causing harm would, to the reasonable person, be an easy go. The state should take over our county health services, given the majority County Commissioners' harmful advocacy for bad health decisions and the liability that creates for taxpayers.



The problem is that the COVID-19 virus is a virulent, rapidly mutating organism that is effectively immune to vaccines. COVID-19 is constantly evolving into new variants that are resistant to existing vaccines. As a general rule, vaccines are NOT effective against viruses. This is why we still don't have an effective vaccine against the AIDS virus four decades after it became a serious threat. The CDC, WHO and medical establishment are pushing "booster shots" that are effectively entirely new vaccines that have not been subjected to any rigorous clinical trials to verify effectiveness and safety. Even more ominous is the recent admission that the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infected people from spreading the virus.

Bill B

@jwc. What an irresponsible comment. Please site a reliable and accurate source for your comment that vaccines do not work.


Vaccines for Polio, tetanus, Hepatitis A & B, rubella, diphtheria and more…are all highly effective.

Joel R

Didn't even read this article. But let me guess....
We the NR hate Bershauer and Starrett because we think they're crazy. But we love, love, love us some Casey Kulla. And so should you.
How'd I do?

Chris Trunde

I am a moderate-conservative with tendencies to be a stricter conservative at times. I have had it with these two fools! They are strangle-holding funds needed for public safety, because they are anti-science.

Until the last few years, the only anti-vaxxers we’d here from, were “all natural, organic, vegan, environmentalist, tree-hugging, Neo-hippies”, who are definitely not right-wing. Oh, these are still the major players in the anti-science world, especially concerning vaccines of any type, and/or trust in mainstream medicine.

Now we have these foolish Commissioners touting Leftist baloney and mandating the County Health what it must and must not promote for the health of all.

Mary, her puppet Lindsey, and their adamant supporters are the equivalent of Flat-Earthers in this regard. They are dead wrong. They need to knock off the idiocy and let the Health Department (experts) determine what the public needs to be advised.


More idiocy from the B&S clown car. They wear their ignorance as a badge.


Totally biased article and sloppy reporting for the NR. The real issue is objecting to the Covid vax. Instead we get a run down of the child hood vax program as if it has anything to do with the decision and a hit piece on the commissioners. This is money tied to pushing the covid vax, especially to children, which is its own form of insanity. This is exactly what the commissioners should be doing for the citizens of Yamhill county.

NR, you also made a big statement about the VEARS data, “Investigations have not borne out those claims.” What is your source of these investigations? Can you name at least one? VAERS has been used for years and is tied to the VEARS Court for payout for vax damages, and historically has shown to be only about 1% of actual vaccine damage (link below) - “Adverse events from vaccines are common but underreported, with less than one percent reported to the Food and Drug Administration”

Bill B – you asked, here are a few of the more depressing, maybe you can put your political hatred aside and look at the info. Or line up for the booster, at this point people have decided, I guess.

-Evidence of Harm

-The v-safe data shows that 33.1% suffered significant adverse event

-Pfizer, FDA, CDC Hid Proven Harms to Male Sperm Quality

-List of 1000 Peer reviewed studies


Not much coverage of small pox anymore......I wonder why?


I am thankful that Lindsay and Mary continue to ask for fair representation and information instead of "doing what has always been done." This is a new time in our lives, this virus is new and so much is unknown which is why it makes no sense to blindly follow without being able to think for ourselves after being given appropriate and honest information.


Half of the people eligible to vote in this county toss their ballots in the trash anyway. This is what we get if you don't vote.


I believe both Mary and Lindsay envy Lindsey Manfrin: for her education, her occupation and her appearance.


JWC - if your comment is about coronaviruses than your comment makes sense, but I see some are taking it as a general comment against all viruses. I was one of the countless vaccinated people who contracted a newer variant from my vaxxed and boosted brother and then gave it to my vaxxed an boosted daughter. Here is an article out of Australia before all of the crazy when you could actually discuss the science surrounding the subject before it somehow became political.



You might want to take a look at the actuarial data hedge fund guru Ed Dowd is compiling from insurance groups coordinating with PhDs to review the data. To say there are some unusual statistical moves a foot is an understatement, especially in some of the younger and typically heathier population subsets. He will be publishing updated data sets in a book next month. Actuaries are straight numbers people - no BS - you have to accurately price policies (e.g. group life). We'll see what they ferret out of the data. FYI - Ed made his money using data analysis at Blackrock to see where a consensus was mistaken and invest accordingly.


I do not want my county commissioners telling the Oregon Health Department how to communicate with the public or determine what health procedures work and those that don't. They are no trained in public health or ANY type of health. County commissioners please do your own jobs and mind your own business.

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