By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners push for changes to COVID website

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Echo chamber?? She camps out in a nutbar echo chamber! Also, how many vaccines has Starrett had in her lifetime?? Surprised she didn't mention drinking her pee as a cure.


Starrett and Berschauer are just a big joke, and have been clowns during this global epidemic.
Arguing with The Health and Human Services Director, whom has public health background and the County Health Officer, whom has been a pediatrician for many years.
Quit giving these professionals a hard time and wasting tax payers money with your non evidence based claims.


Or maybe we should listen to doctors, and not lend Public Health's imprimatur to the horse-paste eating, bleach-injecting, urine-guzzling reprobates prolonging this nightmare. As ever, it is impossible to discern where Starrett and Berschauer's cynicism ends and their stupidity begins.


Perhaps Starrett the truther will put 9/11 inside job theories on the county site also.

David Bates

I'm not sure what's more alarming: Elected officials playing doctor during a pandemic, or roughly half the electorate being okay with it.


Lindsay Manfrin is grace under fire. Kudos to her. And a thank you as well for holding strong to science.


I stopped reading after the first spin-laden paragraph.


Oh Rotwang you know you read the whole article 🙄 Your two wing nuts just can’t help themselves. Their constant ignorance has been one thing that’s been consistent during this whole pandemic.
So Berschauer & her family had Covid & consulted with a Physician while recovering. I ask why did she consult with her Physician? I thought she didn’t trust science or anything that was remotely related to it.
She’s a phony & we all know it. Just like the rest of the population who defy vaccines & call out those who support them. Should they need hospitalization due to Covid, you can bet they will demand that they get all the best that science has to help them recover.
This is our chance to recall Berschauer & to wake up & never re-elect Starrett again. Our county deserves commissioners who support all & not just their fans.


If Berschauer thinks the county health website should focus on advice on how to avoid Covid infections one effective way to do that might be "do not under any circumstances take any advice from the two right wing ignoramuses currently warming seats on the Yamhill County Commission"

Mac Grizzly

We have anti-vax Barbie's at the courthouse, nothing more, nothing less. Our H&HS Director, Lindsey Manfrin should be given a hero's award for having to work with such nut cases. She maintains her class and poise while having to work with complete idiots. Again, name one constructive thing that either Berschauer or Starrett have done to support and assist Yamhill County citizens in dealing with the pandemic. Nothing!

Mac Runner

Thank you Drs. Manfrin and Koenig for standing firm in the face of agnorance. "New term: Agnorant. Definition: people who are extremely ignorant, yet are simultaneously extremely arrogant. Example: people who think they know more about science than scientists." Additional examples in Yamhill County: Fat phobic comments by Starrett and Berschauer claiming the county isn't doing enough to promote good health (I am not sure how Manfrin kept a straight face in educating her that the role of PH is exactly about addressing social determinants of health toward promoting health and wellness). I also appreciate them pointing out the obvious - that including anecdotal and non-tested interventions on the county website opens the county up for lawsuits. What we don't need is incurring additional legal costs (so much for fiscal conservatism from these two extremists). Recall Berschauer and vote Starrett out!


Yes we have a problem with obesity, not just in Yamhill but nationwide! But to say addressing obesity in the middle of a pandemic is like calling an electrician when your home is burning! Most housefires are caused by bad electrical wiring, however by the time the electrician gets there the house will be burnt down. We need the fire department! We need vaccines and proper social distancing methods to slow the spread of this virus so that our hospitals are not overrun. It’s very upsetting to those of us who have taking the vaccines to have to wait in line or not have service available at a hospital because the rooms are full of people, selfish people if I may say so, who refused to get vaccinated.


These two need voted out!


I have taught biomedical ethics at the college level for many years. There’s no doubt that treatments we now know to be dubious have been used in the past by well-meaning doctors and others. I think of blood-letting as an example. The difference here is that we have access to established science which shows that, while not perfect, vaccines and masks have a dramatic impact on improving outcomes.
What these two commissioners are doing is confusing the free and open exploration of ideas with the scientific method. There is an ethical responsibility to keep treatments which are backed by evidence and reject those which lack it. What Starrett and Berschauer are doing is akin to teaching ancient alien theory in a human evolution class as co-equal with natural selection. While robust debate about controversial ideas is good, there is also a responsibility to allow the best evidence to win out. It is clear these two commissioners lack even a modicum of critical thinking skills. It is terrifying that they have a say in the rules that govern the lives of so many.


I wonder what Dr. Berschauer recommends following a dog bite? Now I remember: a lawsuit to erase the pain.