By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners hear complaint about delays reuniting dogs and owners

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Not having a Dog Control is unacceptable. The Commissioners are to blame - they are responsible for overseeing a requirement that is absolutely not being met. Zero license enforcement and Homeward Bound is not required to notify the County they have a Dog for 48 hours!! Homeward Bound can sell and keep the adoption fee of any pet that goes unclaimed.. the entire contract all three commissioners signed and agreed to is unacceptable

We pay way to much $ in taxes to not have a Dog Control. IMO it's a matter of time until the County is sued for its lack of enforcement and careless disregard.


Failing to notify an owner the family pet has been found because of some bureaucrat stipulating information must proceed through "proper" channels certainly justifies those who detest the penny ante aspect of government. I guess when you wear a uniform or sit high up on a dais, you've traded your common sense for petty technicalities. Outrageous.

Bill B

typical bureaucratic nonsense!

Longmire fan

Or, people could just keep control of their dogs and not allow them to roam freely on other people’s property. Oh that’s right, it’s always someone else’s fault.


Or the County could establish a Dog Control again. Next year the $150,000 timber tax money given to The Family Place non profit can fund what it was meant to fund... law enforcement aka Dog Control

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