By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners discuss board expansion referral

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Don Dix

The bet here is that paying more commissioners will cost more, no doubt.

Kulla wants more 'collegues', Starrett says no, and Olson is on the fence. Move along, nothing new to see here.


Would you rather have three incompetents or five?


Yes, it may cost more for 5 commissioners. Of course Starrett is against it, as she is everything, because with 5 commissioners, she won't stand a chance of " getting her way" I say go for it. Maybe she will get frustrated and resign.. We can only hope.


Miata1981 you are just another keyboard warrior fighting for socialism as fast as you can so I can understand why you wouldn't care for Starrett.


So why not build a 25 storey high building you could have the state welfare department on the first floor, the jail on the second floor, court on the third floor county admin offices above that and above that several layers of “affordable housing.” One stop shopping no more inter agency free bus system necessary :)

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