By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners deny extended hours to Furioso winery

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If you think I only complain about our BS commissioners, let me be the the first to say thank you for the decision on Furioso. Thank you for stoping a terrible infringement on our community. They were obviously trying to bend the rules and create something that was never intended to besllowed.


‘Allowed’ sorry.


It is annoying as well as endangering to have these sophisticated drunks roaming at large in our community.


These decisions will be fewer and farther between in the coming years as the wine industry has dominated the local economy and its surrogates work their way through city and county government. A situation currently unfolding is a perfect example. Plans to build a four story hotel on 3rd street in place of the NR and neighboring buildings. Years of bragging about our quaint historic downtown goes by the way side when wine tourism is concerned. One comment told of a local home owner forced to remove a new porch railing because it did not match the historical nature of their private home, but taking the wrecking ball to buildings downtown is ok for the right people. Sad to see there was no one running against the Remy Drabkin or Sal Peralta in tomorrow’s election. We can do better and this has to change.

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