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Commissioners considering ending trail master plan work

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Mac Grizzly

No plan, more money and time wasted. Let me predict that Berschauer and Starrett will recommend selling the trail parcels to the adjoining landowners to cover the expenses. After all, they did donate a lot to their campaigns. This land has been a rail corridor for 150 years. It should stay a transportation corridor and be strongly considered for light rail - if not now, then in the years to come. DO NOT sell it off to private parties. One other thought, don't turn it over to Chehalem Park and Rec. They will then want to expand their district to include at least the Yamhill-Carlton area. This means more taxes for those people. Of course Berschauer managed to pull that sort of thing off with the TVF&R takeover of Newberg Fire. So much for not raising taxes.......unless your boyfriend stands to personally benefit.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but abandoned rail rights-of-way revert to the adjacent property owners after a certain span of time. There is no need to sell them.

Mac Grizzly

Rotwang, if this was a railroad right-of-way only, then you are correct. The land would revert back upon abandonment. However, in this case the railroad actually owned that land. The county through a grant (that now they may have to pay back) purchased this corridor from the railroad in the recent years. Thus, it is now owned by the county. No reverting back to any landowners. Even if the trail is done, the land should be retained as a future transportation corridor. It has tremendous value for that purpose. Those whose land borders the property have known all along that it was a railroad corridor.


These commissioners voted to kill this project without even getting clarification regarding having to repay the grant from the state BEFORE doing so? Wow!

Tom Hammer

this project was launched deliberately not telling the adjacent landowners. A non-conforming use in EFU zoning requires a Conditional Use Permit. To gain a CUP you must pass an Agriculture Impact Study. Trail proponents couldn't meet the standards of a Study. Commissioner Kulla, County staff leaders and previous commissioners worked in secret, began without proper permitting with their dangerous bet ending in failure. The vote to end illegal action will save future losses. Wow!

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