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Commissioners complain about Parks Board objections

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Many thanks to the NR staff for covering this story so thoroughly. I'm losing hope that anyone can help these commissioners understand how far from reality they have wandered. At this point, I just hope the media coverage reveals these people's actions, words and true nature to voters who may not have paid attention otherwise.


Princess Lindsey does not like people pointing out her underhanded behavior does she? I suppose in fairness seeing how monumentally unqualified and inept our county commissioners are why should the parks board be any different?


Gotta keep them donors and family happy. Must be exhausting.


I commented once before on an error in a previous N-R article, and it was not corrected. So, I am commenting again on the same subject, which is what decisions the Parks Board actually made during its March 15th meeting. Regardless of what was discussed, or what was heard and noted by the News-Register reporter who attended by conference phone, although the the Parks Board may have discussed our preferences of lack of them for certain applicants, when it came to making decisions the Parks Board ABSOLUTELY DID NOT agree that it did not want to recommend applicants Cooke, Cloyd, McCarthy, Hall and Humlie. Although some of these applicants did receive favorable interest from one of more Board members, the Parks Board decided to defer any decision on their applications until some later date. In these comments I am representing the Parks Board in order to ensure that what was actually decided is being reported accurately.
Jim Culbert, Chair


Note to Berschauer - If you want the drama to stop, then you need to stop creating it!!!!!!! Or could it be that you crave drama???????


We are all sick of the drama. Maybe if our commissioners began governing instead of gaslighting, we could move forward. But when you STILL attempt to appoint more political allies, ignoring the letter from the board, ignoring the remaining qualified applicants, and ignoring the blatant lies told last week - the drama continues.

They're clearly orchestrating pursuit of their partisan agenda. And it's obvious when when Berschauer pretended to not be familiar with the applicants and when Johnston said he had read the minutes (which weren't yet published) and the applications (which had not all been submitted to the board) and then nominated a whole different slate - but nobody asks questions or wonders why. It's because they already talked about it, illegally, violating ORS 192.630(2). For people who talk about transparency, they don't appear to know what it means. Or honesty. Integrity. Service. The list goes on.


Yep, just a short 8 mile 2 hour and 36 minute walk to Remy Wine. LOL. Never change bigfootlives


Bleepbloop - I think you're responding to bigfoot in the comment section of a different story. However, if there were a bigfoot sighting on this page your comment would have probably been spot on.

At least we aren't living in Morrow County and dealing with their wild commissioners. Google that for a laugh and you might feel better about our leadership team.


Oops, that was meant for the article about the hotel.

David S. Wall

Below is a link to Berschauer's campaign finances so you can see for yourself who donated money.

Yamhill County's esteemed Marijuana farmer, Kit Johnson gave Berschauer [$4,020.00].

The Yamhill Republican Party [$9,000.00].

There are others, one with a juicy back-story.

*Appointing a Husband and or campaign donors to the Parks Board sure makes it easier to monetize the County Parks and glorify political résumés for the next election cycle.

**Maybe the News Register could report on the number of Law Firms Berschauer has allocated campaign finances for legal services and why.

It appears, the Drama continues.

David S. Wall


Lack of integrity, compassion, and common sense. How can the commission recover from such dysfunction?

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