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Commissioners ban vaccine promotion on social media

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SMH....sad emoji. Pissed emoji.


This should surprise no one. Sad day when County Commissioners believe their views and opinions should be the only ones that matters. This effectively makes it harder for everyone to get the health information they are seeking on a public health page. Vaccines have helped us eradicate so many diseases. This isn’t just about Covid. This is about two people trying to control and push their agenda on everyone!


The headline & first sentence of the article are misleading.

Essentially, lies by omission.

Commissioners ban vaccine promotion on social media

"Yamhill County Commissioners passed a new vaccine policy on Thursday banning Public Health from saying in social media posts that vaccines are effective or recommended."

Here is the new policy, right out of the horse's mouth:

B.O. 24-56 - Consideration of a policy stating Yamhill County HHS/ Public Health vaccine and pharmaceutical product social media and internet messaging will not contain attempts to influence people for or against a particular product or intervention emphasizing individual choice and informed consent. [Motion passed 2:1].

Therefore, YC HHS / Public Health shall:

(i) Neither attempt to influence for nor against any particular product.

(ii) Neither attempt to influence for nor against any particular


True, vaccines would not be promoted.

But neither would vaccines be influenced against.

And the scope of the new policy includes all products & interventions.

Not just vaccines.

I think the N-R can do better.

The appearance is that the article was written with a political agenda.

With the issue at hand taking a back seat.

There is good information later in the article.

But the first impression is that it was written by a shameless hack.

And first impressions are hard to overcome.


Voters should sit up and take notice when government leaders, that lack education or expertise in the field of health, issue gag orders to trained professionals. This is an example of the ignorance and ego of our county commissioners.
Next stop, ivermectin & bleach.


-Redirected ARPA dollars to fund their own list of orgs annd projects instead of the list created by thoughtful process and committee.
-Exempted themselves from anti-bullying policies.
-Ended contract with effective economic development firm in favor of being a single person (without funding programming).
-Populated county committees with inexperienced cronies rather than experienced, relevant leaders.
-Insisted they should attend/disrupt staff meetings to micromanage trained professionals.
-Threatened to defund nonprofit providing sheltering and food while refusing to take up county work on homelessness.
-Banned public health officials from providing medically accepted public health advice.

This is not what Yamhill County needs. t’s AT LEAST ineffective, even if you don’t believe it’s corrupt.


Disgusting and dangerous. These commissioners really don't care how many people die, how many lawsuits they embroil the county in, or how much of our tax money they waste as long as they're pimping their personal agendas. Politicians at the absolute worst!!!


I hope everyone can appreciate the irony in Dan’s post…. He frets about the “political agenda” of the NR writer in the above article, without once commenting on the reason for the commissioners change of policy. Shameless hack you say?


This commission doesn't seem to be able to find an issue they can't come down on the wrong side of. Pathetic.


Hopefully this clown show motivates people to vote in the next elections so we can get a functioning county commission. Enough of the theater and posturing.


I can't even. I didn't know these commissioners should have MD behind their names. I will continue to take my doctor's advice, thankyouverymuch. So tired of these crazy issues taking away from real county business. But hey, it's an election year. I guess this is what we get when we vote for partisans on the county commission.


Again, here is the new policy, right out of the horse's mouth:

B.O. 24-56 - Consideration of a policy stating Yamhill County HHS/ Public Health vaccine and pharmaceutical product social media and internet messaging will not contain attempts to influence people for or against a particular product or intervention emphasizing individual choice and informed consent. [Motion passed 2:1].

I don't see anything about which to argue.

YC shall not attempt to influence us on health matters.

The best part is "... emphasizing individual choice and informed consent."

The BOC is reminding us that we are free.

That means bodily autotomy.

Making up our own minds.

Informing ourselves as we see fit.

Talk to the doc. Talk to 10 docs. Have a bourbon and forget the doc.

How American is that!


Wrong end of the horse.


In fear, they retreat,
Vaccine's promise they defeat,
Ignorance replete.


Anyone can do the research but few have or will. Was 6 feet apart scientifically sound? Or masks? The lockdowns? The jabs (note, they were not adequately tested, but given EUA instead)? The answer to all of the above is: no, they were not good science. Who recommended them? Or rather W.H.O., thus CDC, thus OHA, thus YCHHS et al. And look, I'm not an MD, just someone who can read myriad articles and research done by doctors world-wide who know that we were hoodwinked by power-hungry globalists. And it trickled down to Yamhill County. I agree with Dan: the Commissioners' decision is fair and balanced. God bless us all with eyes to see and ears to hear.


"Your assumptions are your windows on the world.

Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in."

Issac Asimov


“ The only thing to fear is fear itself “


Except the county does have a role in promoting health which includes vaccinations for most people. Tying Director Manfrin’s hands like this is unethical and will lead to worse outcomes in Yamhill County. If you watched the hearing, it’s also likely illegal. County Council said the only way to eliminate related liability was to “not do this.” And Manfrin suggested OHA and Justice would likely get involved. While the BOC doesn’t care, since they don’t pay the legal fees (we all do), it’s a waste of county time and resources to keep fighting the state. We lose every time. GET BACK TO WORK. Public safety, bridges, roads, parks, planning, economic snd community development all need work. Do something instead of fighting against everything.

Bill B

Humbly - you might want to expand your source for comments surrounding the effectiveness of vaccines and the recommendations to limit exposure to Covid19 beyond Twitter. These kind of comments are believed by many uneducated people and can contribute to unnecessary illnesses and possibly deaths. Do better!


HumblyYours is running on all 8 cylinders - right on!

"... W.H.O., thus CDC, thus OHA, thus YCHHS et al."

There is a kind of top down, pyramid structure.

That's how the whole world somehow got into lockstep with itself.

This supra national structure is being unmasked before our eyes.

Americans were endowed with the brilliant county system.

I think it's fantastic that we are having this discussion here in YC.

We live in a republic.

But its a democratic republic.

Where else but locally do we have so much democracy?

So much say on a per capita basis?


Dr. Dan is in rare form. I’m going to start running by all my medical questions and concerns by him. He obviously knows more than my doctor spouse or doctor father. FYI, doctors do not make money off vaccines. The insurance reimbursements are less than the cost to give.


Commenter Dan is screaming gobbledygook (or, dare I say, googledygook?) into the wind. Ignore him. Ask your doctor if you have questions. Certainly don’t ask the commissioners for medical advice. Vote them out!!!!

Tyler C

A recent study comparing 99 MILLION vaccinated people found that there are only two incredibly rare side effects that can be linked to covid vaccines and have only been reported from people taking the AstraZeneca vaccine. The side effects were only reported in less than 2 of every million vaccinated people. That makes the vaccines safer than drinking a milkshake.

When people encourage you to do your own research, they are not asking you to build a virology and vaccination lab and do the work to scientifically determine if your hypothesis is accurate. Instead they are encouraging you to look on YouTube until you find some who says the things that you want them to say or validates your fears. And that's not science.

The commissioners need to put human life and scientific credibility over the own personal anxieties regarding vaccines. The pandemic is still ongoing and the best way to protect the people around you is to be vaccinated.


I think our commissioners just long for the simple times in the past…. When people were crippled with polio, and babies died from the measles, and stepping on a nail could be fatal from tetanus… ah, the good old days!


This is kind of a limited hangout.

But it does address the 99 million study.

(Another road leading back to the CDC / HHS.)

And here Steve gives us some insight into how information remains hidden

from the public.

Brett Weinstein's 17 million killed is a fantastic underestimate.

A kind of gaslighting itself.

But it is sounding the alarm to a lot of people:


More Steve Kirsch:

My interview with American Airlines pilot Bob Snow


Dr. Dan, we get it already. You aren’t changing any minds with your false info. Just sit it out already!

BTW, type in Steve Kirsh into google and the first thing that comes up is an article from MIT Tech Review titled “ This tech millionaire went from covid trial funder to misinformation superspreader”. Add that to your wonderful sources like Expose news.


Isn't anyone else sick of this embarrassing clueless clown triumvirate? And Dan makes for a fearsome foursome.


Bill B: Fascinating that by (telepathy?) you assume that my source is Twitter. Yet you produce no sources or facts of your own. You have not undone my statements about 6 feet apart, lockdowns or masks. Feel free to weigh in.
Meantime, if you are willing, perhaps take a look at this article, one of hundreds I've seen (many different sources) and testimonies I've observed since the mRNA rollout years ago. Take a look at what has been stated by Jay Bhattacharya, or the Great Barrington Declaration.
Below link:
"For Every Life Saved mRNA Vaccines caused nearly 14 times more deaths study."

Tyler C

HumblyYours: It's worth noting that The Epoch Times is a newspaper owned and run by The Falun Gong religious cult. They are a group who follow a man they believe is "a God-like figure who can levitate, walk through walls and see into the future. His ultra-conservative and controversial teachings include a rejection of modern science, art and medicine". You should be able to look this up for yourself quite easily.

I personally don't take medical advice from people who also believe their leader can walk through walls.


26 February 2024

HHS never submitted required vaccine safety report to Congress

Tyler C

Dan: Children's Health Defense (CHD) is an American 501(c)(3) nonprofit activist group mainly known for anti-vaccine disinformation, and which has been called one of the main sources of misinformation on vaccines.

The anti-vaccine movement is rooted in misinformation, disinformation and fear mongering. They rely on intentionally confusing correlation and causation.


Thanks Tyler- well said!


Tyler: Attack the publication, rather than the information? Is that all you have? The ET article chiefly referenced a paper (yes, retracted now, but the abstract is still there) published on I'm sure you'll find a way to attack as well, or probably any that I find, no matter how legitimate, because not all blind will see. Are you still backing 6 feet apart, masks and lockdowns? Was that science? Not a peep about professor Bhattacharya?

Here is a quote from the Cureus abstract,
"Federal agency approval of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines on a blanket-coverage population-wide basis had no support from an honest assessment of all relevant registrational data and commensurate consideration of risks versus benefits. Given the extensive, well-documented SAEs [serious adverse events] and unacceptably high harm-to-reward ratio, we urge governments to endorse a global moratorium on the modified mRNA products until all relevant questions pertaining to causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are answered."

There are hundreds of research articles like this, many suppressed by those who only want one scientific view.!/

I remember in the thick of lockdowns I found Israel's (one of the most vaccinated countries) direct source website for their vax results, and their overall unvaxxed were ending up much healthier, in significantly greater number than the vaxxed. I posted it here in the NR comments section back then. You will some day understand fully the deception being put upon the world by big Pharma and their backers.

God bless.



Hillier gives evidence in the USA Senate-What did they hide?


Dr Dan, but what are your real thoughts on Covid vaccines? You know that you aren’t changing any minds? And your sources continue to be just top notch.


Laughter is the best medicine:




Thanks Tyler C for your valiant efforts to explain why information from non-scientific, tainted sources is not valid information. Clearly, it’s a lost cause.



Humblyyours did you eve look at why the paper you linked to was retracted?
The Editors-in-Chief have retracted this article. Following publication, concerns were raised regarding a number of claims made in this article. Upon further review, the Editors-in-Chief found that the conclusions of this narrative review are considered to be unreliable due to the concerns with the validity of some of the cited references that support the conclusions and a misrepresentation of the cited references and available data.


Jeb Bladine

It's always good to have spirited debate about public policy, but calling the reporter a "shameless hack" is just simple misdirection. The fact that commissioners also banned active county opposition to vaccines acknowledged that they are not crazy; the real news is that they banned any suggestion that vaccines are effective and recommended in a state where all manner of vaccinations are required by law for children to go to school, and a world where vaccines have saved tens of millions of lives.


I sense the "Q" runs strong in some. I really need to get into this double spacing thing, it seems fun.


Jeb Bladine stated:

"It's always good to have spirited debate about public policy, but calling the reporter a "shameless hack" is just simple misdirection. ..."

1. After explaining my objection to the article, what I said was:

"I think the N-R can do better.

The appearance is that the article was written with a political agenda.

With the issue at hand taking a back seat.

There is good information later in the article.

But the first impression is that it was written by a shameless hack.

And first impressions are hard to overcome."

Interesting that you ( purposefully?) overlooked the political agenda of the commission that was the sole basis for the policy change in the first place. Before throwing out “shameless hack” accusations, you may want to look in the mirror.



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