By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners ask Gov. Brown to discontinue COVID-19 shutdowns

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Duck believer

What this comes down to is that no matter what the governor says, Berschauer and Starrett claim to know better and will oppose it. I don't necessarily agree with what the governor has done in many areas, but when you're supposedly trying to negotiate with the state (ODOT and the trail circus) you don't constantly ridicule the governor. What if B&S focused their energy on helping the restaraunts and small businesses tap the huge amount of relief funding that's available to assist them during this time. What if they focused on how to funnel the large chunk of federal aid that's available to the businesses they claim to support. The last thing we would ever want to do is take the control from the state and give it to these two commissioners. Last thing, why is encouraging people to get vaccinated not part of the discussion? Herd immunity means the end of the pandemic. I guess when you're an anti-vaccination champion then you wouldn't want people to actually do the things that would really help in the short and long term. What planet are these two on anyway????

Don Dix

This 'letter; did not originate with YC's commissioners. In fact, commissioners from 27 Oregon counties signed on, as well as several judges and the head of the Oregon restaurant lobby. The 'ask' is to reconsider the levels and ever changing restrictions that the gov. has employed throughout the pandemic.


How is promoting vaccination "not germane"? Aside from letting people die it's pretty much the only way out of this. Our county commission is farcical.


Starrett and her whelp Berschauer get it wrong again. Haven't we had enough of Mary?


It is utter nonsense to speak of 'shutdowns' while allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants to travel during a pandemic throughout our country. This after they pass though a level 4 Covid-19 travel risk country (Mexico).

We aren't requiring two-week quarantines. Assuredly, few if any are vaccinated. Heck, we aren't even testing a great deal (if not most) of them for Covid-19 even though we know some are showing up symptomatic. The WAPO has a small snapshot (see link) - Oregon is getting some. There are videos on the internet where they are caught, processed, and then released into our country in a short period of time - otherwise known as catch-n-release - 2nd link [during a pandemic???].

Democrats like Gov. Kate Brown have lost all credibility regarding Covid-19.


Here’s a thought: As long as the commissioners are asking for things.....How about asking Mike Nearman to resign?


Anybody keeping a list of Starrett's conspiracy theories - 9/11 was an inside job, nanobots are in the vaccines, etc.?

Don Dix

Asking Nearman to resign because of his antics last winter? -- OK -- I agree, let's ask.

But to ignore Brown's failures last year in the handling of the Portland riots, wildfire preparation and response, and the choppy back and forth of Covid restrictions is complete political bias.

Brown even allowed her supporters (teachers, with a big nudge from the OEA) to jump the vaccination line ahead of those most vulnerable to Covid. The schools are just now re-opening 4 months later. And now she states the reason for the more restrictive rules lately is because not enough 'most at risk' have not been vaccinated -- exactly who's responsible for that fact?


Don- Nearman has been charged with criminal actions in Marion county...that he is obviously guilty of...
While You may not agree with Brown’s political decisions....they are not crimes.

Don Dix

Looking the other way while the gov. obviously plays favorites with the pandemic restrictions and vaccines doesn't change her inept handling of every situation Oregon has endured the last 15 months. And those 'at risk' that have died recently may have survived if the vaccine was available to them in Jan. (instead of her 'pets'). Maybe ask those families how they feel, but it seems pretty 'criminal' from here.


Interesting argument....guess we would need to exclude the group that would refuse the vax even if offered....
If label political gamesmanship surrounding the virus as a “crime”....Seems like our last pres might be culpable for much more than Oregon’s Governor.....right?

Don Dix

So you do recognize how the gov. has used the virus to gain political favor at the expense of the elderly (and others at risk) -- and until this fiasco is over, there's plenty of time to evaluate and judge how the govs. decisions have succeeded or failed, as well as the cost of lives (it still 'feels' like a crime). She may be in more trouble than some might wish to admit.


Don -quite frankly, I don’t think the actions rise to the level of criminal ( unlike Nearman). I try not to judge people’s motives when I can’t verify the facts. There are justifications on both sides of the argument and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s difficult to separate the truth in today’s politically charged media tug of wars....
When it comes to reopening, I would prefer our leaders err on the side of caution until the population vax levels rise to a significant level, for the very reason you point out.....people’s lives are at stake.


Really wish I hadn’t voted for Kulla

Don Dix

tagup -- erring on the side of caution has little to do with the gov's vaccination schedule. Throughout this pandemic the elderly and those with underlying conditions have been 90%+ of the deaths -- and those numbers have been consistent from the beginning. So, what kind of warped thinking allows the gov to move the most at risk group back in the vaccination line? The answer is obvious.

The question remains -- how many lives could have been saved if the gov didn't use the vaccine to play politics?


Don- If you re- read my post, I was referring to re opening when I mentioned err on the side of caution.....

Don Dix

Sorry tagup.
The gov. rewarded the OEA and it's members at the expense of seniors and the at risk. Now she is using the fact that some seniors and those at risk have not been vaccinated to justify county shutdowns, along with the high percentage of deaths among those groups. Clearly, her decisions lead directly to the numbers today -- and now she feigns caring about getting those remaining at risk vaccinated -- where was this sentiment 4 months ago? Create a problem -- and then ride to the rescue -- typical government response.

The question remains -- how many lives could have been saved if the gov didn't use the vaccine to play politics?