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Commissioners again refuse state funds

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My dad used to say “you get what you pay for”. In this instance, the county gets who it voted for. What an unsurprising embarrassment.


I think Ms Starrett has forgotten that she works for us.....the county taxpayers!


"Both Starrett and Berschauer hinted they might stop funding the county’s health and human services department or stop accepting funding from the state, if they don’t get their way."

Seriously? Nicole Montesano is a very good reporter, but I certainly hope she misunderstood that the two commissioners were really hinting at Yamhill County abandoning public health, mental health, chemical dependency and other county services if they don't get their way. Could you clarify, commissioners?


Commissioners Starrett and Berschauer THANK YOU again for taking a stand against this poison they are trying to put into the children. This has to stop. Not in my name. To pull a quote straight from clown world, there is no credible evidence that the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine is either of those things. Not one bit of evidence. 52% to 58% of recent covid deaths were people with the safe and effective vaccines. Not working as advertised. And then there is the VEARS data that has been debunked time and time again. Except it hasn’t. It’s been in use by the FDA since the 1990 as part of the VEARS court to pay out settlements for vaccine damages. On the FDA website they state that the VEARS numbers only represent approximately 1% of actual vaccine damages. FROM DECEMBER 2020 UNTIL MARCH 2022 THE VEARS SITE HAS 3,414 MISCARRIAGES REPORTED FROM DIRECT RESULT OF THE COVID-19 VACCINE! WAKE UP, THIS IS POISON. This is not healthy for women or children, and certainly not pregnant women. This is the same as people being outraged because the commissioners won’t use the states money to repave the road to the gas chamber. No more.


When do we start spraying the crops with Brawndo sports drink? Or has that already begun?


Bigfoot, you are truly unbelievable. You and your ilk (commissioners, former president, etc) are doing so much harm to humankind. The ability to claim huge conspiracies and ignore the overwhelming scientific consensus on this subject (also see global warming). You apparently know more than my wife who is a pediatric physician who spent 8 years in higher education and then 4 years working 100 hours a week as a resident. You know more than my highly specialized brother who is a pediatric doctor in Chicago. He spent 12 years in higher education (MD, masters in micro biology) and 7 years as a resident. You know more than 99% of physicians, public health officials, medical researchers and epidemiologists. Keep reading these kook filled websites. Fortunately you are just a citizen. Unfortunately, our commissioners actually harm the community with these terrible factless opinions.


Why would anyone be surprised by the actions of these two? This is what you get when two clowns & soon to be three are voted in. People like “BigfootLives” spreads misinformation every chance he gets. The same misinformation that Starrett shares on Facebook & believes should be listed on a public health website. This County has a big problem & it won’t get any better come January. We will then have the three stooges running our County. Yep! we are getting what we voted for & all the harm to our County that they are causing.


Why anyone voted for these two flat earthers is baffling. Yamhill County is becoming an idiocracy.


Interesting that people spew about the commissioners not being scientists or doctors then cite Global Warming Theology as an example. I have yet to meet one of the "well credentialed" theologians who can write the thermodynamic equation that defines the equilibrium temperature of the planet. Doctors might seem to be well educated experts. However; if they are educated by a medical establishment that suppresses dissenting opinion and refuse to publish research that contradicts established dogma, then their alleged education is meaningless.


I guess one glimmer of hope is that some other county is going to get these funds to help their people. Team Oregon!


The public health, scientific, and medical communities overwhelmingly endorse the use of vaccines to fight COVID. The factual results of reduced case counts, reduced severity, and deaths are obvious and undisputed.


Let's see. Lindsay Manfrin holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree and a Masters of Nursing degree in health systems and organizational leadership from Oregon Health and Science University. She is a very intelligent, and obviously well educated leader - a tremendous public servant to the citizens of Yamhill County. B&S are two politicians who spew questionable rhetoric supported by people who can't seem to cite any reasonable sources. I choose to listen to and follow the advice of Lindsay Manfrin. She is an amazing resource that we are going to lose if these two clowns don't stop this ridiculous political gaming.


Regarding Bigfoot's comment, it probably has been said before, but let me just copy and paste a headline from
Viral Posts Misuse VAERS Data to Make False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines
Enuf said!


So, let me get this straight—doctor’s education is meaningless because the establishment suppresses dissenting opinions… Hmmm. Next time you a need a doctor just remember their education is meaningless. Might as well pick someone off the street to diagnose your problem.


Oh good, our health department is run by a dried up local TV morning show host and her goons. If an elected official is being "excoriated" for their actions by the public they serve, they need to look in the mirror.


Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do—Isaac Asimov


y'all ever heard of children or young adults getting surprise heart attacks before?

I know it's hard to believe the CDC wants you dead, but when you realize your pension is at risk you'll begin to see why.


@shorty home-remedies have been fighting the common cold for millennia. But all of the sudden you need gene therapy? What in the heck? chicken noodle soup for the soul vs. chickens needling children for their souls.


Mr. S is just spouting some Q nonsense. Ignore him.

Joel R

All it takes is an article on our commissioners and out comes the hate. If you don't like them, hold a recall and vote them out of office. Oh, wait....


B & S are just plain jealous of anything associated with Lindsey Manfrin. And frankly, I don't think much of Kulla's character as he raises his weak, feeble, milquetoast objections to these two embarrassments.


@Russ I'll make you a deal. How about you get triple-boosted, and leave ordinary people alone? Stop stealing peoples tax money and giving it to scam programs.

The best part about being a Q-tard is not having brain damage.


Starrett and Berschauer have not been spreading "misinformation" as the NR states. That's the NR's opinion.
Most information about Covid, the lockdowns, masks, and the vaccine that were once called conspiracy theories have now come true. More information comes about about this comes out daily.
Look up the Great Barrington Declaration, as well as all of the well respected top-notch scientists that were banned from social media and threatened with losing their medical licenses and jobs for speaking out against the government narratives.


Sigh...This comment section is filled with the best examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect, people with no training in a complex discipline under the delusion that their views are on equal footing with people who are highly trained. It's embarrassing that some of my fellow humans define "research" as google searches. If you want to see real research happening, visit a medical research facility doing years of empirical testing on a vaccine or drug. Read peer-reviewed journals not internet sites which are unregulated. I weep for the future of our country and democracy which was built on the foundation of having an educated population capable of critical thought.


Well-stated johan16


johan16 I agree and they walk amongst us.


Sigh...This comment section is filled with the best examples of the elitism and people suffering from the Lemming Effect, people who think that they're better than everyone else and under the delusion that their views are correct because they are "smarter" or more educated. They also blindly follow the narrative from what they are told from mainstream and government sources without considering alternative viewpoints. It's sad that some of my fellow humans feel the need to squelch and censor research and findings that go against these government narratives.
If you want to see real research happening outside of the paid-by-Pharma FDA, CDC, and media, checkout the GBD, Dr Malone, Dr. McCullough, Dr Battacharya, Dr. Cole, and many others who have been reporting on their research and real-world observations, including the peer-reviewed journals. Note also, that some peer-reviewed articles were falsified early in the pandemic to suppress evidence of the effects and cures of already approved medicines, as well as the known harms of the experimental mRNA gene therapy. Note: There's a reason why Pfizer wanted to keep the data from their gene therapy testing sealed for 75 years. But you won't because you're too embedded in your elitist group-think bubble. I weep for the future of our country and democracy which was built on the foundation of having an open and free dialog of all scientific findings and results, and not dictated to us unquestioned or unopposed by critical thought outside of the known corrupt pharmaceutical companies and the government.


citizenZ—you could benefit from a course in critical thinking

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