By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Civil rights, Holocaust references spark local objections

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"We as a state are not through this yet, and we need to work together to act in ways that protect everyone,” Corvus told the News-Register[.]"

And the best way to get through this together and protect everyone is to continue to wear a mask, and get vaccinated if you can. It really is that simple.

David Bates

It blows my mind that any reasonably educated person wouldn't understand how wildly inappropriate, offensive, and stupid it is to compare one's First World inconveniences (in the wake of a pandemic, no less) to the horrors of the Holocaust and Jim Crow. But clearly, two of Yamhill County's three commissioners do not understand that. Or they just don't care, or maybe a bit of both. Regardless, it's unbelievable and embarrassing.


Mary Starrett is just "goose stepping" all over herself!


I find it amazing how many youthful Nazi sympathizers are so dense they believe the salute "Heil Hitler" is actually "Hi Hitler."


Mary Starrett is an embarrassment to Yamhill County.